Would a dual 700MHz system be faster than a singular 1400MHz system?

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Just a strange little curiosity I once thought of.

In order to dodge the whole cache thing, Let's say it's a 1.4GHz P3 (yes, I know), and two 700MHz P3's.


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Unless you want to game on a dual-proc system, generally unless the game is specifically coded to take advantage of multiple proc's, the game usually will not be able to recognize the second one. Dual proc's do wonders for distributed computing, though.


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Very simply and definitively put.. No.

Even software developed to support two processors working in tandem (SMP aware) will not be twice as fast as one.

You might just want to stick with getting a single processor... It's easier, faster and cheaper to use.


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It's not that I'm going to upgrade to dual CPU or something, i was just curious. But, thanks for your replies, mucho apprecianado :D


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2 x 700 would work about as fast as 1 x 1400 in BeOS :)
But with two CPUs, it would feel much more responsive under heavy load.


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Hey soon we will be getting processor's with dual cores. Intel is bringing one out. Essentially this means two processors in one unit. I can't recall were I read this, but if I find it I will post a link.


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Actually, you could have more performance out of 2 CPU's considering that you have 2 cache systems. If you have 2 threads running in 2 caches of 2 processors, it is faster than two threads being brought in and out of one cache on one CPU.

This is a theoretical possibility, unless you are running a special program written by yourself, you will get better performance from a single fast CPU.


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Simply put, No, unless you are running software that is compatible with the duall config, then it does't matter because you will only be using one CPU anyway.
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