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WOW and not world of warcraft

By TypeX45
Jun 1, 2006
  1. Yeah I wanted to get on here and let everyone know about this anomaly that I have never encountered. I had a web server go down last night that my users connect to do there everyday work. Well about 5:00 I get calls about the server being down. So I go and check and find that the hard drive died and had the lovely error “boot disk failure.” So I restarted the machine and hoped that everything would be alright and no it was still gone. But the weird thing the calls stopped about the server being down. I usually get about 20 calls when a server goes down and I only received a few. Well after I notice this I go and try to hit the web server and it works magically. I then ping the server and remote desktop to it and ban I am in and the disk failure screen is still up. WOW how did this happen and has anyone ever seen this.
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