Wow. Lots of people on here tonight.

By Rick ยท 5 replies
Aug 12, 2003
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  1. Most users ever online on a day was 253 on 08-12-2003.

    | The following members have already visited the Board today:
    ---agissi---, -KurtCobain, 4511Tech, 99carters, abbeyroad1, acidosmosis, agsswanson1981, ajb924, akshay, AlexfromSun, anpnw, aoj145, Arckra, Arris, b magician, b2bomber81, badger, bailey1ak, Beboo, Bigbangman, BigChuck, bigwinoman, bigzj51, bittykitty, black eyed dog, bobslp, Boogie, boxygeek, Brewskie, BrownPaper, BRPlayer, Butterball, CarolW, Carrot, celsol, chaos450, chocobogo_rct, clearshift, cobrabird, coldpower27, conman, conradguerrero, Cormega, crberrou, Cybermonkey24, cyclops, dani_17, Dantrag, Dark__Link, darren, dfmuiogr78, Didou, Dillon_the_rabb, DJB343, DMON, Ebay.God, ed potter, eDg, Ev3rLa5t, Exploder98, Fen, fiindus, Fullyclips, gingerbill, Greeno, Grunt, gsgleason, hitmanly, Howard, hrr4, Hydro, Hywel, InfantryOnline, iss, JackieChanIsGOD, jadebrown, james4bb, jenn4020, Jerry0, Jimbo, jmhilbert, johnkruk, Johnny Brittian, joneq, JSR, jston80, jules79, J_Bone, kainoa, kapsi, Karim, Kattake, Kent Scott, KevinK, kewlness, Killerbyte, Kombucha, krondur, krowdpeleeza, lady-devious, Laser558, LeL, lifesgood, LNCPapa, Lucent, lzrdlps, MaccaDelinquent, MannyB, Masamune, MattyS54, McKamie, Metylated, Mictlantecuhtli, MoRulez, Negative_Pulse, neildianella, newtempguy, Ninjamyst, nish in exile, Njord, Nodsu, NotaB0t, novicegamer, nulty, NxFlash, obsideo, ogri, olefarte, Opt1mus, orion180, orphic2001, othg_chris774, Owee, Painter, pakines, papounet, Per Hansson, Phantasm66, PHATMAN5050, PhilB, poertner_1274, pondlife1, prashidi, primetime, prisberg, Project.Zero, Quix, raen, Rick, ryszardx, sacratch-d, samphire, SaTaNzBish, Scalpy, SCWRX, Seninho, Shana27, Shemyaza, sholin, Shrdlu, si007, SinFayth, Siphon, skhadwe, Skorpio, slowEJ6, smartpro, SNGX1275, Snowy Commando, Solarist, soma_cruz, somekid007, Someonehelp, Soul Harvester, spenj2k, Spinner, spyker, StarGuitar, StarXed, Steg, StormBringer, Strakian, Strife121, suger and spice, Sunstorm, Supra, Sygnet, syphonboa, tagaruda, Tapioca, Tarkus, Tasha, tcapristano, tdink, temporary user, thakidd, THEFRANCHISE3, Tob, ToonKing, Trag, trixalicious, TS | Crazyace, TS | Julio, TS | Thomas, twynam, unnamed, varnerjd, vassil3427, vegasgmc, Vehementi, voyager, waiyeh, wamserb, wheelow, Willbo1, woodee, XtR-X, young&wild, yukka, Zarhol, zer0

    Today's Birthdays: LNCPapa (28), FreakyShadow (28), Safacto (21), raul (21), miker (70)

    Geez. I hope this isn't a sign of quantity at the loss of quality. ;)
  2. wI-OSMAN-

    wI-OSMAN- TS Rookie Posts: 33

    thats not right now.. that was all day today
  3. wI-OSMAN-

    wI-OSMAN- TS Rookie Posts: 33

    There are currently 10 members and 231 guests on the boards. | Most users ever online was 2387 on 07-17-2003 at 06:24 PM.
    BlueMagic, JSR, LeL, olefarte, papounet, Rick, Tasha, Vehementi, waiyeh, wI-OSMAN-

    notice how it says guests
  4. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    Yes, we know...but today has the record for the most registered users signed on.
  5. wI-OSMAN-

    wI-OSMAN- TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Re: Re: Wow. Lots of people on here tonight.

    alright :)
  6. ---agissi---

    ---agissi--- TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,978   +15

    That one thread about the bug made TONS of ppl register. Just look at the names, all the ppl are like 1/2/3 posts, all new users. ppl registering and logging in that night is what probbly boosted the count lots.

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