WoW runs choppy only in some areas

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Dec 2, 2005
  1. Hey folks,

    I've exausted my queries with Blizzard's tech support who have been very helpful, sadly, SiS has probably the poorest support as I've had a heck of a time updating drivers. When playing WoW the video runs choppy in certain areas...usually high population areas but quite often just random. I have updated my NVIDIA drivers, Direct X is up to date, I turned down all the video/audio settings in game to try and increase performance, latency is always in the green so seems like that shouldnt be the problem. I meet all requirements to play it, in short, I've updated everything suggested, have done evrything Blizzard has suggested including running in openGl and nothing has improved the choppy gameplay. I can certainly post system specs if needed but from what Ive been told the only known issues are known to be my card NVIDIA GeForce 5200, again, it's drivers have been updated. Any suggestions that would be considered a last resort? :confused:
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    Also update your motherboard drivers. How much RAM do you have and have you allocated any extra to the game (Heapmegs, or hunkmegs is most games) above the game's defaults? Also try increasing your page file size to 1.5X your RAM size. (If you have 512Mb of RA then page file is 768Mb.) To set page file size, right click on My Computer/Properties/Advance Tab/in Preformance box/settings/advance Tab/virtual memory (set value here).
  3. Rick

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    You definitely need one heck of a computer to run it smoothly in cities like Ironforge or on 40-man raids.

    I'd recommend a minimum 1GB of memory (didn't run smoothly until I bumped it up to 2GB) and a "3000+" CPU or higher. Video card isn't THAT important because you can turn down texture details etc.. Try playing with the video settings and then them all the way down. See what happens.
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    Yeah I suspected I need a better PC to run it smoothly...Blizzard really should up the recommended requirements on their software packaging. The tech I've been dealing with never said that the RAM of 512 and the CPU which is only 1 Gig aren't for sure the problem, I always assumed the CPU couldn't handle it. As far as allocating extra memory to run it I thought of it but sadly I am not very computer saavy and don't know how to do that. Thanks for the instructions on how to increase page file size, I wouldnt have known to do that either. Any improvement will hopefully help me from walking into fires, falling off of cliffs,towers etc, I cant even join a big raid group as it will just freeze up for awhile, that's when I suspected it was the CPU struggling to keep up. My motherboard can't handle an upgrade in CPU either and I can't justify a bunch of new hardware for 1 game.
    Thanks again for the feedback guys/gals, it's people like you that help the green guys like me learn the little things that can go a long way <Salute>
  5. Rick

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    Well, there's a difference between smooth and operable. Blizzard just wants it to run. :)

    And there's different ideas on what smooth is exactly.

    Your average quests will run fine on that system, but always expect slow performance in big areas with lots of people or NPCs. You'll need to doulbe your system specs to get it to run "decently" in my opinion.
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