WPA--WPA-2 Connection Problem

By larrybody
Apr 3, 2006
  1. Here is the deal. I have a home network set up thru a wireless router. I have three Computers hardwired and a wireless laptop. Last week I went to a VoIP phone service. I was supprised that I was sent a combination VoIP adapter/ wired router. I installed the device between my cable modem and my wireless router. Everything works fine. The VoIP router's DHCP server gives my wireless router an IP address ( and the wireless router DHCP gives the other four computers (wired and wireless) IP addresses in the ( range. Although I thought that two DHCP servers on the same network was a bad idea. Maybe they are on diffrent subnets or something. Anyway everythings works great.
    Now I decide to upgrade the wireless security on the laptop from WEP to WPA. The latest firmware upgrade on my router supports WPA/WPA-2, my laptop Intel Centrino card supports WPA/WPA-2, and I download the Microsoft patch for XP WPA-2 support. I configure WP-2 into the router and laptop and everything works fine. The next day when I atempt to log on the laptop cannot pull an IP address. The router log shows it authenicates the connection. All the wired computers get IP addresses. I try WPA. Same thing. I revert back to WEP and everything is fine. Could this be the two DHCP servers causing the problem or is it just an configuration problem. Thanks for reading this wordy post.
  2. jobeard

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    If WEP will connect but WPA will not, I would suspect configuration or incompatibility between the vendors ( which is not uncommon)
  3. Nodsu

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    Do you use any special wireless software on the laptop or do you connect using the Windows wireless support? Try the other.
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