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I have a Compac Presario tower=OEM with windows XP.. We can copy files to a floppy easy & quick.. When we try to copy files/data to a CD, I have been using the Sonic Program. I would like to be able to copy a file and add more files with a couple of quick clicks. Steps we take now.
My Documents=Click file. Click copy to CD. Click the drive. Click Copy. My Computer next. Right click on the drive. Click- Write these files to CD.
Wizard comes up. Click next. Takes 25 sec. 1 file.
Isn't there an easier way?


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You can install a UDF writer program (packet writer) like InCD (Sonic's product is called DLA) and use drag-and-drop with CD-RW discs. There are also UDF programs that let you use normal CD-Rs, but they are rather flaky in my experience.

You can't have simple drag and drop with normal ISO CDs, because the ISO 9660 filesystem is not really suitable for storing data :p Writing a new session for every dropped file would eat up your disk space very fast.


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If you are just wanting to move files from computer to computer and not actually mailing away the disks, you'd be better off using a USB stick, its drag and drop just like a floppy but even faster. And you can get them that have more capacity than a CD.
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