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Wrong Temps?

By funni_gum
Apr 7, 2006
  1. My computer specs are:
    Intel Pentium4 660 Hyper Threading 3.6
    Gigabyte LGA775
    G5 looking Case with (New) Enermax SLi 535w ATX 12v v.2.0
    2x 512 ddr20 668MHz Dual channel(With heat sinks)
    XFX Geforce 7600GT
    2 Dvd drives
    Zalman Copper Heatsink/Fan - 92 mm
    2 80 mm Fans(1 front, 1 back)
    2 120 mm Fans(1 side, 1 front)
    2 PSU built in Fans
    1 PCI slot Air blower

    I use MBM5, Tune5, Sandra Lite 2005, Speed Fan 4.28 and the Geforce Program

    Geforce Program says my 7600GT is running at 52 C (was at 57 before 2 120 mm fans)
    MBM5 Tune5 and Sandra Lite 2005, SpeedFan 4.28 say my main board is running at 76 C highest 78 C, lowest 75. SpeedFan says my HD is runnig at 32 C.
    Uhh.. I have no clue what this is happening, I mean even when I just turn on my computer it says its at 76 C - 52 C like what the hell is going on here. All the programs have alarms and they tell me they are over heated and 76 C is double the highest temp in the summer over here. There is logically no way anything on my computer will be runing at 76 C ESPECIALY if it was just turned on. Like Woah??! lol I'm gonig to run my computer for hours no matter what these programs say, but i wouldl ike to know if i can fix this problem.

    I would like to Thank Every One That Ever Posted, Spent Their Vaulble Time And Helped Me. Oh yah MBM5 Sys Info:

    ----MBM SYSTEM INFO-----
    MBM 5 Core EXE :
    MBM 5 Core DLL :
    MBM 5 Settings DLL :
    MBM 5 Dashboard DLL :
    MBM 5 Hibernation DLL :
    MBM 5 Ras DLL :
    MBM 5 Logger DLL :
    MBM 5 Mail, FTP and UDP DLL :
    MBM 5 OSD DLL :
    MBM 5 ASPI DLL :
    MBM 5 Heat Up EXE :
    MBM 5 Wizard :
    MBMIO Driver : 1.0 built by: WinDDK

    DLL Folder Location : C:\Program Files\Motherboard Monitor 5\DLL\
    Data Folder Location : C:\Program Files\Motherboard Monitor 5\Data\
    Language Folder Location : C:\Program Files\Motherboard Monitor 5\Language\
    Log Folder Location (Alarm) : c:\program files\motherboard monitor 5\log\
    Log Folder Location (High Low): c:\program files\motherboard monitor 5\log\
    Log Folder Location (Interval): c:\program files\motherboard monitor 5\log\
    Selected Language : English
    Info ChipInfo.ini : 18154 bytes 6/17/2004 5:37:54 PM
    Info shdn.ini : 388 bytes 10/12/2000 7:47:06 PM
    Info Voltage.ini : 38234 bytes 3/31/2006 4:34:46 AM
    Info Language file : 22920 bytes 6/12/2004 10:43:20 AM
    Up Time MBM session : 00:00:10:01
    Up Time MBM total : 467:09:38:05
    ------Sensor Chip-------
    Main Sensor Chip : ITE8712F
    SMB Address : $0000
    Used Bus : ISA
    ISA Address : $0290
    -Sensor Chip Selections-
    Possible Temp Sensors[1] : ITE8712F-1
    Possible Temp Sensors[2] : ITE8712F-1 Diode
    Possible Temp Sensors[3] : ITE8712F-2
    Possible Temp Sensors[4] : ITE8712F-2 Diode
    Possible Temp Sensors[5] : ITE8712F-3
    Possible Temp Sensors[6] : ITE8712F-3 Diode
    Selected Temp Sensors[1] : ITE8712F-1 (192)
    Selected Temp Sensors[2] : ITE8712F-2 (193)
    Selected Temp Sensors[3] : ITE8712F-3 (194)
    Possible Voltage Sensors[2] : MBM Fixed
    Selected Voltage Sensors[1] : MBM Fixed (2)
    Selected Voltage Sensors[2] : MBM Fixed (2)
    Selected Voltage Sensors[3] : MBM Fixed (2)
    Selected Voltage Sensors[4] : MBM Fixed (2)
    Selected Voltage Sensors[5] : MBM Fixed (2)
    Selected Voltage Sensors[6] : MBM Fixed (2)
    Selected Voltage Sensors[7] : MBM Fixed (2)

    Possible Fan Sensors[1] : ITE8712F-1
    Possible Fan Sensors[2] : ITE8712F-2
    Possible Fan Sensors[3] : ITE8712F-3
    Selected Fan Sensors[1] : ITE8712F-1 T1 D4 (48)
    Selected Fan Sensors[2] : ITE8712F-2 T1 D4 (49)
    Selected Fan Sensors[3] : ITE8712F-3 T1 D4 (50)
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[0] : ITE8712F Standard 1
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[1] : ITE8712F Standard 2
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[2] : ITE8712F Standard 3
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[3] : ITE8712F Standard 4
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[4] : GA-8PE667
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[5] : CT-7NJS
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[6] : GA-8IK1100
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[7] : Shuttle SB61G
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[8] : GA-8IPE1000Pro
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[9] : GA-8KNXP
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[10] : Gigabyte GA-7N400-L
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[11] : Asus A7V8X-X
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[12] : GA-8PE667 Ultra
    Possible Voltage Sub Types[13] : Elitegroup N2U400-A
    Selected Voltage Sub Type : ITE8712F Standard 1 (0)
    --Sensor Chip Readings--
    Temperature Readout[1] : -55
    Temperature Readout[2] : -2
    Temperature Readout[3] : 76
    Voltage Readout[1] : 1.252
    Voltage Readout[2] : 1.776
    Voltage Readout[3] : 3.2
    Voltage Readout[4] : 4.08
    Voltage Readout[5] : 11.1872
    Voltage Readout[6] : 6.0672
    Fan Readout[1] : 2596
    Fan Readout[3] : 2083
    Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP (NT 5.1) (Build 2600) Service Pack 2
    User : ab
    Memory in use : 31%
    Total Physical Memory : 1048044 KB
    Available Physical Memory : 720660 KB
    CPU Speed : 3614 MHz
    Nr of CPU's : 2
    -------3rd Party--------
    ShutDownNow :
    ----Advanced Settings---
    Fan Temp : 0
    Custom Temp Table : 0
    Startup Delay : 0
    2E 4E Enabled : 0
    2E Forced : 0
    4E Forced : 0
    Do Not Reset : 1
    SMB Scan Range : $10 - $7F
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Maybe those programmes aren`t compatible with your mobo`s sensors. Check your temps in bios.

    Maybe try the free Everest programme from HERE.

    The only other possibilities are, a faulty mobo sensor, or your temps really are that high, which I doubt.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. sami

    sami TS Rookie


    i had overheating problem as well... i tried everything and it didnt work, until this: (might not work for you, but give it a shot)

    open your case, take out your CPU fan and clean it up (and everything else, if you want to). dust is a killer factor. also, if direct sunlight hits your computer during the day, that can be a factor as well.

    hope this helps
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