WTF... Internet?

By xXGoDXx
Aug 3, 2006
  1. Well Before 2 months ago my internet download speeds were 150kb/s.Now its going from 200kb to 20kb , then to 80kb, etc.
    Whats the deal?
  2. ebora

    ebora TS Rookie

    150KBp/s? That the Average?

    if so, id say ADSL 1.5Mb ?

    Do this. jump into ur modem or router and make sure ur net is connecting at the right speed (whatever ur plan is)

    if u dunno how to.

    Start -> Run
    type CMD
    type ipconfig /all

    note down the Default gateway
    it'll be or or something

    Open IE
    In the Address bar type ur default gateway
    then u will be asked to log in
    user: admin
    pass: either admin or <blank>

    from there navigate around to a page that shows ur connection, probably a Status page or soemthing

    Make sure the connection says 1500Kbps ....thats if ur connection Is 1.5mb adsl


    If thats not the problem

    Go into Device Manager, find ur network card. Click properties
    then on one of the tabs a drop down box will appear (cant remember which tab + im @ uni so i cant check)....Make sure 1 of the options are set to full duplex.

    apart from them 2. uninstall all Download programs ur using

    Kazaa, imesh, bearshare, mIRC, Limewire, download accelerators etc.
  3. xXGoDXx

    xXGoDXx TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 27

    Well i contacted bellsouth and they didnt show crap. I just did something in the advance options and somwhat fixed it. i hope T-T
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