wucult.exe ???

By aberman
Oct 9, 2003
  1. There was a thread about it on this board where someone said that it was a backdoor trojan.

    A search on Google about wucult.exe reveals NOTHING ELSE!

    What's going on with this?
    Why doesn't it show up on Symantec's list of virii?

    An employee has it on his machine, but he's afraid to have him remove it with no corroboration that it's a trojan.

    Any and all information would be welcome.

  2. StormBringer

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  3. Nic

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    You can always zip that file, and then remove it. If your system gives you problems after doing this, then restore from the zip.
  4. guyver

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    :dead: I got that on my computer too, Im not sure what it does.
    My computer does "not so funny" things sometimes. like Spamming the same WINDOW many times like 20-30, Closing ur windows when ur looking for files. Closing programms ur running for no reason. :hotbounce

    I reccomend that emploeey either look in to it or get someone else too. I would but....I cant programm anything :confused:

    by the way, You cant zip something that cant be found :(
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