X1600pro problem

By HondaDelsol
Sep 10, 2006
  1. Hello,

    Just assembled my new pc, installed driver etc. But when I try to play games I always get an error from the ATI VPU RECOVER. Sometimes I can play for several minutes and then the monitor freezes, sound hangs, then I get the ATI message VPU RECOVER has reset your settings. If I ignore this message and press ALT+TAB and return to the game, I can play again for a few minutes and then I get a blue screen with a message memory dump or something. For the rest the computer works perfect...

    I think the problem has te be with XP SP2 because the graphics driver worked perfect with XP SP1, but I have to install SP2 because my sound drivers don't work with SP1

    Can anyone help me?

    ASUS P5B, Intel Pentium D940, 2 Gig Tyrex DDR2 RAM (800MHz), 2 raptor HD's 74 Gig (not in RAID yet, problem with the motherboard), ATI X1600pro 512MB, Power Supply RAIDMAX VIKING 620 Watts
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