x1900xtx making low screeching noise

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Oct 8, 2007
  1. I recently purchased an x1900xtx.For the few couple of days it was working perfectly,getting an averageof 100fps+ in FEAR,same with HL2 and CSS.About 4 or 5 days after installation I noticed a graphical glitch in Guild Wars (cant link yet) .The game never crashed,the framerate was fine,but it was just there.

    Now to Fear...for the 2 days I had it,it ran perfectly at maximum settings.I remember being in spectatior mode on Office when I hit a light on the cieling and saw the shadows from the rails move along with the lighting.=D It was purrty.In the menus the gave would be at 600fps+ or 1000fps+ depending on which menu.While actually playing,my fps was an average of 100fps+.But about 3 days ago using fraps the FPS was suddenly just capped at 76fps...it would nver go any higher but did go lower a lot easily than when there was no fps cap.I tried hitting the same light in spectator mode,it swayed back in forth light before but there were no shadows,but I could see the glare from the light gleam on the rails.By accident though,I put my computer in sleep mode from a button on my keyboard which locks the pc in vista.When I logged back in my fps had went back to normal,not being capped at 76fps but was at 100fps+.When I did this though there was a strange low screeching noise coming from,I guess,my video card.I closed the game and it stopped.Shortly after I started the game back up again...and the fps was still at 1000fps+ in the menus.I decided to restart my computer,and after doing so the game was once again locked at 76fps untill I lcok the pc and sign back in.Going through the menus while the fps was 1000+,the screeching noise went from many various frequencies but Fear runs perfectly.THe shadows and all are there and the performance is great,I just worry about the noise.I reinstalled my drivers,and while it fixed the Guild Wars problem it didnt fix Fears problem.

    ^_^ Well,thats the story.I tried to be specific so it can get fixed as quickly as possible...>.> please help.

    EDIT:I never crash,get any errors,get any weird graphical glitches in any game I play,and my PC specs are...

    AMD Ahtlon 64 x2 5000+ 2.60GHz

    3GB of DDR2 RAM

    Windows Vista Home Premium

    400GB 7200RPM HDD

    x1900xtx 512MB GDDR3

    Antec Neopower 480w (34A dual 12v+ rail) and active PFC.
  2. A_Gonzales_3

    A_Gonzales_3 TS Rookie

    Try checking the inside of the case and see if there's any dirt or debris attached to the GPU fan. Also check if the fans are loose or broken. It sounds like the problem's mechanical, since you don't have any problems with the graphics card not working.
  3. killab2oo5

    killab2oo5 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Would it suddenly make the noise after logging out and in to Vista and when my FPS is over 76?When I dont log out and back in so my FPS is capped at 76,it doesnt make a sound.I think its more of a software thing,but ill look inside the case.
  4. killab2oo5

    killab2oo5 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I looked inside and noticed nothing unusual,and it does the same thing.=( Can anyone help?
  5. pdyckman@comcas

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    If you just got the GPU recently enough to exchange it, I would do that first. Then if the problem still exists, start looking to your P.C.
  6. AlbertLionheart

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    If this only happens during this particular game, is it perhaps a distorted audio output which is supposed to be there but for some reason your system is screwing up the sound? Bad drivers for the sound card or even perhaps the wrong sound settings for the game?
  7. killab2oo5

    killab2oo5 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its coming from the GPU itself,and it happens in all games now.I just did a system restore to the day where it worked fine,about to check to see how it does.
  8. AlbertLionheart

    AlbertLionheart TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,026

    as pdyckman says, take it back and get it exchanged.
    One other thing you might try is to download everest from majorgeeks and run it to see what your voltages are like and maybe temps too.
  9. killab2oo5

    killab2oo5 TS Rookie Topic Starter

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