X3 IFF Trials and Tribulations

By Lekki_Sheep
Jul 6, 2006
  1. I'll freely admit it, I've been a little lazy and used the script editor to give me a.. ahem.. small sum of money. Still, I don't really think that's gonna' be the trouble.

    Scenario goes a little like this:
    I have a sizable number of freighters, all trading in the Teladi systems. I also have a very good rappor with those money grubbing corporate swines and I'm working my way up the brown-nose ranks to a status where I can afford that much coveted corvette. I even have squadrons of fighters at the jump gates to the more central Teladi systems, with their IFF set to attack only Kha'ahk Xenon and Pirates. The show if enemy option is set to no, so they don't attack the Parite traders (those guys really have it in for me. Bit of a ****** in the old days you see).
    So I'm in Siezewell and managing my trade empire and suddenly from out of no-where appears a really big Kha'ahk attack. I mean BIG. There's both a Destroyer and a cruiser and hordes of fighter and scout craft. I panic a little. I've never seen one of their capital ships before and all my cash and recognition is tied up in Teladi concerns. I dock with the shipyard and I buy 40 M4 fighters. I kit them out and set their IFF. I let them loose with the orders 'attack all enemies'. Then like the self interested mercenry scum that I am I Jumpdrive to Argon Prime and leave them to it.
    To begin with everything goes like a dream. My fighters mince the Kha'ahk and the Teladi love me. I wait until the ship computer stops telling me repeatedly that one of my ships is under attack and Jump back to Siezewell. That's when things go south. The Teladi destroyer shoots at me, my recognition goes down so fast I get vertigo, even though I com them to explain that my fire was in error and they stop for a second, one of my fighters swoops in on an attack run and everything goes down the drain.

    HOW? What happened, can anyone tell me? Did one of mine, or one of theirs make the mistake? Was it stray lasfire? Where has all my empire gone?
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