x700pro AGP unable to install

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Feb 23, 2007
  1. I recently purchased a ATI X700pro AGP 8x and for some reason i can't use it on my system I have a Compaq Presario S4020WM it has an AMD xp2400+ 512MB pc2100 ddr of memory at 200mhz, i am upgrading from a ati Radeon 9200 i just upgraded my power supply from a 200Watt to a 350Watt as the Graphic card specifies i was wondering if that had something to do with it but when i go to place the x700 in the agp slot my computer refuses to turn on, no matter what i have tried i was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and how or if they fixed it please Help.
  2. Sharkfood

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    Look closely at the tail-end of the card. Most of those AGP X700 Pro's require you to connect a power connector (4-pin molex, usually the kind that is used for floppy drive power coupler) to the card itself to draw it's power.

    If this is connected and the card is firmly/correctly inserted, you may have a bum/bad card. :(

    Picture here with it circled in red (click thumbnail for larger image):
  3. MasterVore

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    I did all that and some i was looking at teh bottom of the card and i noticed that it looks like the power connector should be on the other side of the one you posted in your picture cause if you flip it over you will see that it doesnt have any leads connecting to it.

    i dont know how to post pictures yet but i hope you notice that i was wondering if it could be my agp slot not being able to force the card to scale down to 4x instead of its native 8x speeds.

    i am currently using a radeon 9200 128MB and i wanted to upgrade but it seems as if my computer can't use 8x cards or i am missing something that should allow it to use those types of graphic cards please help.

    i hate having to play my games at 5-10 fps cause my gc is old as dirt i would like a little boost till i can afford the big better graphics cards.

    also the x700pro works it just doesnt work in my computer i lent it to a friend and his 8x computer uses it well but i thought 8x and 4x were compatable
  4. sghiznaneck

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    It's not the 8X and 4X being compatible that you have to look at. It's the motherboard AND the AGP slot. (I'll go out on a limb here and say) all the newer motherboards that are running AGP slots that are 8X/4X compatible because the AGP slot is a 2.0 or a 3.0 slot. Reason being is the pin setup on the cards.
    So, in order to determine if you can run a 4X card in an 8X slot, I'd have to say yes, but if the AGP slot is only a 1.0, it will only be able to run cards that are 1X or 2X. Version 2.0 brought the 4X version and 3.0 added the 8X compatibility, which all (out on a limb again) slots are backward compatible.
    You'd have to go to Compaq's website, search for your model and see what the motherboards AGP slot is rated at. Since Compaq was sucked up by HP, chances are it may only be a 4X slot, in which case you may have a bad card.
  5. MasterVore

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    Product name s4020wm
    U.S. Product number DK214A
    Chassis (color) Mid-size tower- Pinehurst 2- Black/Gray
    Color detail Black/Gray
    Microprocessor Athlon XP 2400+ 2.0 GHz
    Frontside Bus speed 266 MHz
    Processor architecture Socket-A (PGA462)
    Chipset KM266
    Hard drive 40 GB
    Drive RPM 5400 RPM
    Memory 128 MB DDR SDRAM
    Memory max 1 GB
    Memory speed 2100 MB/Sec
    Total DIMM sockets 2-184 pin
    Available DIMM sockets 1-184 pin open
    CD, DVD Rewritable drive CD-RW (32x/10x/40x)
    Diskette drive 3.5 inches (1.44 MB)
    Fax/Data modem Lucent V.92 56K modem
    Network Realtek 8100L
    Keyboard Compaq PS/2 Internet Keyboard
    Mouse Internet Scroll Mouse – PS/2
    Sound Realtek ALC201
    Speakers N/A
    Speaker form factor N/A
    Total expansion slots Three PCI, AGP4x 1.5v
    Available slots Two PCI, AGP4x 1.5v
    Total drive bays Ext (two) 3.5 inches (two) 5.25 inches Int (one) 3.5 inches
    Available drive bays 3.5 inches ext., 5.25 inches ext
    Total external ports Serial, six USB 2.0, parallel, two PS/2
    Available external ports Serial, six USB 2.0, parallel, IEEE 1394
    Front mounted ports Two USB 2.0, IEEE 1394
    Video graphics (AGP) VIA-S3
    Graphics memory UMA 32 MB
    Tower dimensions 16.55 x 6.88 x 14.5 inches (23.8 pounds)
    Power supply 200 Watts

    from hp web site

    is there a means to force detect a graphics card cause i hate to waste my money and my computer is slightly updated from that list it has the stock hdd plus a 120GB one and a new 350Watt power supply, also 512 MB of memory.

    i need to find a means to config my bios to force any 8x agp graphics card to use 4x so i can use my new graphics cards.
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