By cm1286
Jun 1, 2006
  1. I am going to buy one of these but before I do I have a mystery to solve. Sapphire say there memory clock is 490 while new egg says 980 which speed is right. Figured someone owned one of these and could help me out
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    With ATI's release of the X800GTO chipset soon after the release of the X800GT chipset, consumers who have already seen many new videocard chips coming onto the market were further confused with ATI's release of yet another. The only real difference between the GT and the GTO is that the GTO has an additional four pixel pipelines and a lower core clock rate. Both cards have the exact same 980Mhz memory clock rate seeing they both utilise the same Samsung DDR3 modules.
  3. cm1286

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    K thats what I thought thanxs a lot um just to hear it from someone else I was reffered to the x800gto or the 6800xt i decided on the gto but any thoughts from u
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