x800pro compared to 9600xt

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Nov 11, 2005
  1. I am running a 9600xt 128MB and I am wondering how much better would an x800pro 256MB be?
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    Well, first I need to know if you are running on AGP or PCI. A X800 Pro is selling for arround $200 on Newegg.com (which is a great site), and a 9600xt is around $100.

    Core Clock: 400MHz.
    Memory Clock: 980MHz.
    Memory Size: 256MB.
    Max Resolution: 2048x1536 at 85Hz.
    Memory Type: GDDR3.
    Interface: PCI Express x16.

    Core Clock: 500MHz.
    Memory Clock: 600MHz.
    Memory Size: 128MB.
    Memory Type: DDR.
    Interface: AGP.

    In short, the X800 has a much faster memory clock, more memory, a faster interface, and a much faster type of memory. The difference in the core clock doesn't really matter, as there is a different typs of Memory, and a new engine. I would deffinately upgrade if I was you. Hope this helps.
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    DonNagual, I think you're being too kind to the 9600XT. puke:
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    Aw man! thats a BS test you posted. I run FarCry on very high settings at 48 fps! that is so rigged! And this card has served me well... never let me down. runs cool and handles Doom 3 high settings 38 fps average. now thats surprising for a midrange card on its death bed.
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