x800xt PE AGP vs 7800gt

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Mar 13, 2006
  1. Windows xp sp2
    1.5gb simpletech 3200 400mhz RAM
    20gb 2mb cache 7200rpm WD
    80gb 2mb cache 7200rpm WD
    Celeron D 2.93ghz CPU
    x800xt PE agp

    There is my rig. Now I can play FEAR at max settings with an average of 60fps (about 30fps in open areas or action places and 100+ in secluded places like hallways) Now I turned everything up and yes it doesnt run the best like that but It still is high in FPS. Now I heard from places that the 7800gt can't play FEAR at max settings unless you SLI two of them, but when I look at benchmarks, the x800xt PE is towards the bottom of the new high end cards. I want to upgrade to PCI-E and I want to get a 7800gt or somewhere around that, but how good are they really? Should I just go for the x850xt PE? I hear that is about as good as a 7800. Any thoughts?
  2. DonNagual

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    There you go mate. An x850xt can't really be compared to a 7800GT. They are in different ballparks completely.

    But with your system, your CPU is somewhat holding you back. Celeron's are just not really designed with gaming in mind (even though yours is a fairly nice celeron).

    In order to move up to PCI-E graphics, you'd need a PCI-E capable motherboard too, so I assume you will be looking at a CPU upgrade as well?
  3. Acidwinter

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    Im aware

    Yes im aware. I just built my friend who has a really nice job a decent computer (cause he plays online when he is not working and such)... its one of those AMD dual cores, and he just bought a BFG 7800 yesterday and is waiting for it in the mail. I already bought the motherboard and im well aware that I would have to buy a PCI-E motherboard (or one with 2 16x slots if I wanted to SLI/Crossfire). I just want to jump on the 64bit cpu, pci-express boat and wondered how much better it would make my computer. I want to run BF2 at max settings with no problem without SLI/Crossfire. But yes how much better would getting a p4 3.0ghz CPU be? I might just upgrade what I have instead of building a new system if its worth it
  4. CrossFire851

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    p4 CPUs seem to lag with nvidia GPUs. So if your going to get a p4 get an ATI card. When playing BF2.

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    You'll need 2GB of RAM to play battlefield 2 at highest settings without a problem. Also, Athlon's are generally better than Intels in gaming so I suggest you get at least Athlon 3200+ (That is better in gaming compared to your Celeron or any P4 3.0 GHz)
  6. twite

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    if your decide to get a nvidia get the 7900
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