X850 - Texture Ripping and Elongated-Spiking Polygons

By dkone
Mar 30, 2006
  1. Hi all ;)

    since a couple of days I am experiencing a weird problem. So far it has shown up in "Riddick" and "Farcry","Commandos-Strikeforce"...it, however does NOT show up so far in any HL2 engined game:

    After a couple of minutes Blacks Dots/Squares appear on screen, polygons get distorted and elongated right into the heavens....

    So I provided extra cooling to underline that it is not an "overheating" issue. Different driver versions/releases were tested in detail, as well.

    Here's another hint. I realised that the LCD displays of the fan controller panels started to flash about/fluctuate in brightness,...could that be in indicatio that something is wrong with the "quality" of the general current within the system?(I wouldnt quite understand it, as the PSU is a true muscle)

    Antec Truepower 800 Watts
    Radeon 850XT
    Soyo Dragon 2 v1.0
    P4 3.0 Ghz
    2GB Dual Channel RAM



    Thanks so much for any help
  2. Fakesound

    Fakesound TS Rookie

    Hey I had this problem for a while. Til my computer got worse and worse, then it would restart in-game, or stop working completely. Then it would start giving me the 'blue screen of death' stop message. I found out what it was eventually, faulty hardware. One of my 512Mb RAM died, either that or the slot it was in. Quick fix was to take it out, ALL the problems stopped and BF2 completely cleared up and never had graphic issues again. Though I'm happy to keep running my graphics on low for now, I might see if it was the slot or the RAM that caused the issue as I have another slot (1 of 3) to insert in. Save all data to other 80Gb Harddrive first.

    So yeah, maybe your Dual RAM might be at fault. I had Dual Corsair 512Mb RAM. See if this works for you? Check the warranty on the RAM, and perheps see someone who can check if it is functioning right on a test machine

    My LCD would go black, and my 5.1 creative speakers would eventually make a screeching noise when crashing. Hope this doesn't happen to you, quite sickening watching your screen go all haywire huh?
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