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Mar 1, 2007
  1. Hey all... Ever since I uninstalled Roxio (That DVD making thing) My computer won't get past the Windows loading screen, it always ends in a blank screen... x.x Each time I try to turn the thing on, it goes to the startup selection (Safe Mode, Normal, Etc). But whichever I pick it only ends up with either the blank screen or it hangs up (safemode). I have Windows SP2.

    And I'm really really REALLY desperate, I'm even desperate to sacrifice my family to the god of computers just to fix this problem x.x
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    Ewwwwww, Roxio. I deal with Roxio problems all the time.
    Once you get up and running, use Nero, or a free alternative: CDBurnerXP

    Try unplugging the IDE and power cable from all your optical drives, and then try to boot up. See if it gets hung up on the CD Driver from Roxio.

    If you can get into windows at all, run thsi Roxio remover: http://tools.roxio.com/support/tools/roxizap.exe
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    I have Nero and Roxio, I uninstalled Roxio: bang! Problem x.x.

    IDE and Power Cable? Optical Drives?

    *sweatdrop* I stink at hardware stuff... can you tell me where those are and whatever? x.x

    I just broke 3 chairs, the dining room table, 5 vases and the family van... I'm really cracking up...
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    Roxio might have not uninstalled correctly and not placed the right driver for the CDROMS back.
    What I suggest is to unplug/disable your optical drive (cdroms) so the drivers arn't loaded.
    On the inside of your PC, connected to the back of the CD Drive is a white 4pin molex power connector and a flat IDE ribbon cable. That's what I was referring to. (Also, make sure the PC is unplugged from power and that you are grounded)
  5. kerespup

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    Now how do I make sure it doesn't happen again? And ummm.... I need to use my CD ROM XD So how do I fix it? Install Roxio back?

  6. tweaks_sav

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  7. kerespup

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    The roxiozap thin only does 4 and 5? I have Roxio 7.

    I already ran CCleaner though.
  8. tweaks_sav

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    Before running RoxiZap you must manually uninstall Easy CD and DVD Creator 6, Easy Media Creator 7, GoBack and anything else on your system. It was intended only to remove ECDC4/5, however it can safely be used if other products have been removed from the system.

    The other thing you might try is the Windows Install Cleanup Utility.You can get it from Microsoft.This removes Windows Installer configuration information.If it's a problem with past installer info this also might fix it.You can get it here:
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