Xbox 360 running slowly?

By British_Command
Jul 24, 2007
  1. I have an Xbox 360 connecting directly to a router which then links onto a broadband modem of a 4mbp/s connection, although this may not apply to my issue but from my understanding networking accounts for this problem. My xbox 360 has never had any problems running slowly, but I'm offline, not signed into xbox live and everything runs perfectly as in I can flick through each slide (games, media, system etc.) fine, it doesnt run slowly for example pressing the 'Xbox' button on the controller will open smoothly. But I sign in to xbox live and it takes ages for the friends list to load showing everyone offline, sometimes it doesn't sign in to xbox live so I do it manually, basically everything runs incredibly slowly compared to yesterday. This problem hasn't built up or gradually happened, yesterday was fine, today extremley slow!.

    I ran an Network Diag. Test and it failed on Xbox Live meaning there was a problem with xbox live, next time I tried running the Net test everything was fine, everything shows up connected, confirmed and open for NAT.

    Any Help appreciated,
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Over time your modem and router can get soaked and will require a reboot, this happens with people who use P2P programs and the like.

    It may also be caused by your ISP, you say you have broadband if this is ADSL broadband dont forget you will be fighting others for contention of the available bandwidth and as most of the kids have just finished school for the holidays then use will be up.

    Thats why I like cable broadband, no contention ratio, you get what you pay for, if thats what your using check with your supplier for any known issues in your local area.

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