Xbox Live Connection Not Working!

By British_Command
Nov 2, 2005
  1. ok ive got 2 computers, my host which has an internet router and a client which is in my bedroom and wroks perfectly fine with the connection, i connected up my xbox to my client pc (in my bedroom) with a cross-over cable and it worked perfectly fine but after a week or 2 and now when i to the netwrok settings troubleshooter all it says is Cables connected and says it can't access the dns server for some reason or the gateway it cn't access.

    It always worked with my Ip adress settings on automatic and my dns server settings on manual or automatic (i just left PPoPe setting and the other 1).

    I dont know if its because of my mum downloading some gay firewall....

    also when i connect to it i get a little icon in the bottom right corner of my pc screen it says 'limited or no connectivity' and i dunoo what that means LoL

    Anyways please help!
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