XBOX LIVE (Don't understand)

By TDawg
Apr 20, 2005
  1. I am really thinking about getting Xbox live but I am not understanding their "payment plans" I read everything off of on the live section. I was talking to an acquaintance who has it and trying to understand it as best as possible...well on they don't explain exactly if u need a credit card to pay for it yearly like I want since it will be cheaper than paying for it monthly. Just wanting some details on how to pay for it...I do have a visa card too...
  2. X. treme

    X. treme TS Rookie

    Just get the xbox live starter kit. It comes with a mic a year of xbox live and a game. You will still need to enter in your credit card information.
  3. mattfrompa

    mattfrompa TS Evangelist Posts: 553   +57

    Using your credit card you can also purchase MS points so you can utilize the marketplace (which if you don't already know contains xbla games, xbox 1 games, movies, tv shows, demos, trailers, etc.) Basically you can get 1600 pts ($20) and get 2 xbox 1 games or 2 xbla games. Im not sure on the movie prices but I believe it's cheaper than going to the store (you have the option to buy or rent, with much in "HD"). I say "HD" because it is border-line HD (better than other services that claim HD) but from my research isn't truly HD. I would give you a link but i read it a while ago. Sorry for such a lengthy reply, but one more thing, if you buy the MS points or LIVE service online with your credit card instead of in stores you avoid the sales taxes.
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