XFX HD 7870 for 139.99 after rebate (Shell Shocker)

By GhostRyder
Dec 4, 2013
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  1. Hey, saw this on the feed this morning and thought I would post it:

    Its an HD 7870 Core Edition from XFX (GHz edition GPU).

    Core clocks are 1000MHz and its got 2gb GDDR5
    Its priced at 169.99 with a 30 dollar rebate bringing it down to 139.99. This is the equivalent now-a-days of a R9 270X and can easily be clocked to those speeds for an extra performance boost. Overall an excellent deal because those cards start at 199.99 so if you looking for a good middle range card, you are not going to do much better for the price!

    Ends Tonight!

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