XP Activation Questions, silly idea?!

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Questions XP silly idea

When u activate a XP system does window send u information to run it via the internet? How do networks get XP running and if windows does send u information could u record it somehow and use the info on a fake XP server (A home computer) and send the info out to other computers to allow them to run XP ? or is that 2 simple ?


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I think that MS have probably thought about all of these things before.

At work, we install Windows XP to clients using a Windows XP Professional Corporate edition, which does not require activation. It still needs a licence code, but not the activation.

MS probably reckoned that it would be a pain for system engineers and computer techs to be activating XP all the time when they install / reinstall client machines, so that is not needed.

It may also be possible that a certain range of licence codes instruct XP not to prompt for or require activation.
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