XP Admin Pass Issue [Nothing has helped yet]

By steeledragoon · 10 replies
Mar 29, 2006
  1. So I've been surfing the net for about, lets say hour 7 now and have failed to come up with ANYTHING on this board or any other site that has corrected my issue.

    My Grandparents have gotten themselves locked out of their Admin account, they only have a single account with administrative rights and it is shut-down, completely.

    I believe it's due to some virus, since it also (before we tried restarting and learning we cannot log into their Admin account) disallowed the sue of the Ctrl+Alt+Del function as well.

    I tried using the bd050303 boot disk, tried this WinKeyd boot disk thing which failed to work (unless I pay 20 bucks for it... which I'm not inclined to do), so I'mlooking for other options.

    Things to note for when you reply.
    1. I have read and searched through the comments on this Board
    2. There is no other account avaiable accept for a User account with NO Admin privledges (can't install anything, can't move certain files, etc.)
    3. I am dirt poor at the moment so, anything that costs anything is a no-go.
  2. Peddant

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  3. Ididmyc600

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  4. Peddant

    Peddant TS Rookie Posts: 1,446

    He will tell you that he`s already tried that. :)
  5. steeledragoon

    steeledragoon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm averagely computer literate, however the .ISO thing escapes my knowledge. I burned it onto a CD now... Where-to next?
  6. Peddant

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    You have to go into your pcs BIOS and set it to boot from the CD.Usually it`s a matter of tapping the del key when you start the computer.Sometimes F1 or 2.Google your make.

    The instructions from then on are on the site where you downloaded it.You have to read them carefully.
  7. steeledragoon

    steeledragoon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nope. I'm just retarded and burnt the .ISO straight to the CD, not an Image.

    *slaps forehead*

    They boot fine afterwards.

    Still. Nothing has come to my rescue though.
  8. Peddant

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  9. paranoid guy

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    You could try booting in safe mode and trying to access the admin account from there.
    Or, you could try downloading this a password recovery program from here: http://www.loginrecovery.com/
    Or, you could try the attached step by step guide, though I'd try that last.
    I also read this in a forum, but I'm not sure how this would work...

    "only one thing to do on a win2k/xp and u lost the admin pass:
    retrive the SAM file and run LC3 ore LC4 from @stake on it.
    and u need this too : http://content.443.ch/pub/security/blackhat/WinNT and 2K/pipeup/ "

    I have a few more theories/methods(supposedly), so tell me how you get on.
    Edit: Peddant's way looks better :(
  10. Samstoned

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    anyone use this app

    I have been using Peddant link for 3 years now
    works about 80 % of the time good starting point
    now I use hirons boot disc
    I have heard people say this is stolen software ,but it's not it is demo and free utiltys
    plus I purchase the admin pak 5 subscription
    if you follow the instructions to the typed letter you will get in.
    I don't know you ,hope your not some minor breaking into the parents machine
    any files that where encrypted/password protected will be unaccessable now and you can not get that back as far as I know

    this is interesting http://www.loginrecovery.com/
  11. Ididmyc600

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    LC3 or LC4, good tools if you want to recover the admin password, if your not bothered just delete the sam file, do a search for it, there are 2 one called
    Sam and one called sam_ , if you delete them both then you can log in as administrator with no password.
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