XP bluescreen on boot

By Justin
May 11, 2002
  1. OK. For reasons I can't really go into, my girlfriend *has* to have XP installed on a different computer, then moved to hers. I install XP normally, then afer a fresh install I move it over. As I expected, I get a BSOD on boot, because of XP being extremely picky about what chipset you're using.

    The specs of either machine are:

    Installed on:
    768mb RAM
    1100mhz slot 1 P3
    ABIT BH6

    Moved to:
    256mb RAM
    1000mhz AMD Thunderbird
    Not sure of the motherboard

    Anyways, I heard that it is possible to trash your hardware/driver config from the recovery console, so that XP will reinstall the drivers on next boot.

    How do I do this, and would I need the XP CD with me at the time?

    Thanks a ton.
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    Just recently, I made a post concerning this. You should find the answer as to how to trash your hardware profile in the link above. Here's my post that deals with this:

    This problem was dealing with random XP rebooting (possibly due to drivers), but for your situation, it may also work. Chances are though, since it didn't do it right the first time, it probably won't work the second time. Your settings may be incorrect or god knows what else.

    I have to ask - What problems are experiencing? I realize it is blue screening, but what is the error message? Also, when does it blue screen?

    The BH6 is from the BX board era.. So I am guessing it is a BX chipset, which Windows XP handles fine (from my experiences). But you may want to take the following steps to ensure your computer is up to par..

    1.) Flash the BIOS with the newest one. I remember the BH6 having ACPI problems under Windows 2000 (Could be causing this!), but there was a BIOS update that would fix this. This is most likely the cause, since Windows 2000 and XP are closely related.

    2.) Turn off BIOS shadowing and virus protection.

    3.) Disconnect any drives on an add-on
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    Both mobos are configured properly and have the latest BIOS.

    I wasn't able to get the exact error message, but it bluescreens immeditaly after selecting XP to boot with, whether or not you choose safe mode. I even went so far as to install 2 copies to ensure that one of them would be fine. The install itself is *perfect*, XP doesn't want to change it seems.

    So deleting driver.cab may work you say? I will certainly give that a try. Thanks.
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