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Mar 10, 2005
  1. Hello listers & helpers,

    I'm aware of the recovery and/or repair install options available to me on this, but I have an additional query.

    IBM PIII 900mhz, 256MB (RIMM), WinXPP (sp1), Nvidia MX400 64mb, machine was performing perfectly until the display began showing a "purple tint" to all white areas of web pages.

    The unit was shut down and upon restart even the dos fonts were in purple. At this point, however, the unit will not boot past the XP loading sequence. At the XP loading splash screen, the screen goes black and monitor goes to power save mode. Note, no error codes at POST.

    The next day the purplish hue is gone, but no joy on boot.

    It will go to safe mode, and will also boot if I select "enable VGA Mode" option.

    I switched out the monitor with known good unit, but same issues.

    Question: Does this indicate a Video Card driver corruption issue or is it a bad card? Is the best way to determine this to uninstall drivers and reinstall? All before recover or repair install of XP? Also, does the fact that I can boot to VGA, which I understand bypasses Vid Card, indicate a definite problem with either the card and/or driver?

    Any help much appreciated. TIA, Reacher
  2. Reacher

    Reacher TS Rookie Topic Starter

    New drivers solve issue

    FYI, hope fully this can help someone sometime.

    By enabling VGA option in safe boot menu screen, I was able to uninstall current NVIDIA display drivers and DL/Install new ones. This seem to have solved the issue.

    I have no idea whether it was the old monitor or dying Vid card that caused the initial malady, but I've kept the new monitor and crossing my fingers!

    At least it was not necessary to repair install or re-install XP.

    Cheers Reacher
  3. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    a bad video card driver wont normally prevent booting into windows. it will just boot with windows native VGA drivers and a 600x400 screen resolution I would say your card is toast.
  4. Reacher

    Reacher TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The video card was my first inclination as well. But the purplish tint issue has been known to be monitor or cable. I had another monitor to try, but the purple issue was gone (from either unit) by the next day when I hooked it up. Which would seem to support your toasty card theory.

    Then again, it's working now...for how long, who knows.

    I saw and tried the VGA mode enable option just to boot and check the state of the system. At any rate, to this point it's stable with new drivers.

    The card is from INNO3D (MX440 64MB) and I could not get an uncorrupted DL from their site so I used the generic Geforce4 MX from NVIDIA.

    These older cards are fairly cheap these days. With a new 21" monitor on the way, I wonder if this suspect card could do any damage...

    Thanks for the input.

  5. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    I dont know how old your card is but I recall about two or so years ago there were alot of bad capacitors that shipped on alot of Nvidia cards that ended up causing intermitent problems as well as outright failures. you might want to check the ones on your card for any swelling particularly on the top. the problems usually didnt begin right away they started when the capicitors started swelling and or leaking.
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