XP Boot Problems!?!!

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Jun 9, 2007
  1. Ok so, i need major help. I bough a ATI Radeon video card. It goes in my AGP slot. But i had a onboard graphics card and i needed to disable it, but i couldnt find it in BIOS and i disabled it in device manager but that didnt work. So i then went and disabled my VGA driver, which was a bad mistake because it asked my to restart my computer. So i did, after that, the computer restarted normally and the Windows XP loading screen came on, after that, the screen just went blank. I've tried going and resetting bios, but it doesnt work, then i tried all the advanced startup options, but they all do the same thing EVEN ENABLE VGA MODE! And then when i try "safe mode" it shows a whole bunch of script and then it never loads into windows.
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    first, install the new video card and see if u cannot boot? u will then need to install video card drivers, but should be able to.
  3. Merach

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    I'd just do "Last known good configuaration" from the advanced options menu and learn from my mistake. If I understand correctly, you were trying to be smart and disable the onboard video before installing the new card? Or did you already install it.
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    On my desktop i rightclicked on my mouse and then went to properties. After properties i went on the tab settings and then advanced, where i can enable or disable my driver. Then after that i picked disable this driver (to disable onboard graphics card) and then i had to restart my comp. I did, then win xp boot screen came on, and nothing after that, just a black empty screen. I then yesterday turned on my computer and inserted a music cd, which shows everything works, i just cant see it. Its pissing me off, and im at my uncles house right and tried to plug in my hard drive and it doesnt even load it just says "hard disk error" or something. And my hard drive is fine. But he doesnt have a cable in which i can connect his hard drive and mine at the same time..

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!
  5. Frag14

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    Will someone please help me??!!

    I know why im getting the disk read error, its because i have one of the pins in the hard drive pushed down, alls i need to do is to pull it up again. BUT HOW? WITH WHAT?

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    1. You need to disable the onboard video in bios. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you can get around that. If you cannot find something that says "Onboard Video" with the options On/Off then find something like "Primary Display Adapter" and change it from Onboard to AGP.

    2. The hard drive pin is probably gone, but i'd use something small enough to bend it back up, but be warned, i static shock and it's history. The disk read error may not be because of that though. You can't possibly expect to give a hard drive with an installtion of windows that has no drivers for the new hardware in your uncle's system besides native 16-bit windows drivers. Find the option in the bios or try tapping F8 on boot and selecting Enable VGA mode, or Last Known Good Configuration, which will at least let you get back into windows. As a side note, can't you just disconnect his CD drive and plug your harddrive in with that part of the ide chain?
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