XP booting screen lags/freeze

By cyu6722
Dec 25, 2007
  1. Great timing on xmas for this.
    Here are y specs:
    intel c2d e6420
    3gb pqi turbo 667 ram
    evga 7600 gt
    seagate 400gb sata
    maxtor 120gb pata

    This problem randomly happened to me today. I did a normal system reboot on my SP2 system and when it got to the Windows XP loading screen with the bars, it just stays there. It doesn't technically freeze, but bars basically slows down and moves across really really slow. After watching this for 10 minutes, I decided to reboot. Same thing happened. For the next 4 hours, I've tried to trouble shoot it. This XP install is located on my 400 gb sata seagate and I have a separate partition of Vista on the same harddrive. I ran the standard memory diagnostic from the vista tool menu and it came up with no errors. I put in an xp cd and went to the recovery console to do chkdsk /r. It ran for about an hour, finished, but issue still remains. The slow trailing also occurs in my vista partition, so I assumed it was a hdd error. I also have a linux install on my maxtor 120 gb, but it booted up fine twice. When I try to access safe mode under xp, it loads the files up until acptil or some file like that and just stops loading. As I am typing, my computer is giong through the loading bar. It has been 30 minutes and it is still doing the same thing. I am really out of options at this point. Can someone please give me some advice or help. Could it be that my harddrive is bugging out? I would REALLY appreciate it. Thank you.

    UPDATE: I rebooted once again and was able to pass the loading screen and went into a chkdsk mode. I am really afraid to reboot my computer cause the same issue might happen again. There were times I was able to log into safe mode, reboot and have the same issue occur.
  2. Aolish

    Aolish TS Enthusiast Posts: 171

    it sounds like the hd is near at the end of its life. But to make sure see if you can get another hd and install in xp. Don't create any partition.. just install xp on it and see if it boots up fine. If it does it could be a hd problem or the fact you created two partitions could be another reason why its slowing it down.
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