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By linux44
Dec 24, 2007
  1. hi
    is there any command to set static ip in xp(cmd)
  2. wildman6801

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    use NETSH will do it. You can go to the "Windows Help And Support Center" type in the search box at the top "NETSH" and it will give you a listing of its commands. You can also set a static IP address inside of Network Connections as well.

    Inside of "Network Connections":

    Right Click on your network connection you want to set a static IP Address too and select "Properties"

    Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click "Properties"

    Click the "Use the following IP address" and type in your IP address that you want to use, the subnet mask and default gateway. Click OK and Windows will set it self up from their.

  3. linux44

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    command line

    thanks a lot for that
    but you know the problem is i cannot understand the base of dase like when it say
    set address [name=]InterfaceName [source=]{dhcp | static [addr=]IPAddress [mask=]SubnetMask [gateway=]{none | DefaultGateway [[gwmetric=]GatewayMetric]}}

    i dont know what does that mean (for example do i need to include { or[ or do i need to put the name in [name=]what does name mean in this part(name of computer or name of nic card) )
    would you please be able to help me with that
  4. wildman6801

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    [name=] means type name=
    InterfaceName means enter the name of the address you are going to assign to name.

    like with the command netstat

    netstat [-a] [-e] [-n] [-o] [-p Protocol] [-r] [-s] [Interval]

    valid commands
    netstat -a
    netstat -e
    netstat -n
    netstat -o
    netstat -p TCP/IP
    netstat -r
    netstat -s
    netstat 5

    Here is a good website to poke thru to understanding how the command line works and how to read the help files.
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