XP constantly reboots itself.

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Okay, here goes.

A friend of mine has a PC with XP SP1 on. When he switches it on, it boots up, loads XP displays the Windows XP logon screen then suddenly reboots. This is happening contanstly

No hardware or software has been installed recently, virus & spyware check are negative.

I have noticed alot of posts for this type of problem but with the reboot being before the logon screen appears. I know about XP auto rebooting when BSOD is imminent so will try that tonight.

Any thoughts on this problem guys would be much appreciated!


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I tink it ur os is corrupted

i am not sure but it may be tat a illegal shut down took out the os login file so try a reboot to solve the problem... :grinthumb
Oh believe me, I have tried several reboots!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mostly unwanted ones)

Thanks in Advance for any other ideas!


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Sounds like the mbr (master boot record) on the drive is pooched or Possibly an over heat safety feature sensor (C.o.P)--that may be malfunctioning under the cpu.
Xp is like a female always nagging you for some ungodly reason ..lol
Thas y i went back to 2k Pro :p

Thanks Guys

Thanks for the help people, got it sorted the other night. Seems that the problem was a corrupted Ntoskrl file.
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