XP crawling after failed hibernation

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Aug 30, 2007
  1. I tried to hibernate my laptop, in which it locked up while attempting to save and close windows before reaching the DOS screen with the little progress bar. being that I became impatient after trying to hibernate for 15 minutes anyways. So, I restarted the computer and it takes forever to get out of the windows loading screen, and it takes forever to try and to load everything I have on my laptop (I admit I have too much stuff on it. XD). Actually, I haven't been able to wait more than 25 minutes for it to load.

    I am thinking of just saying screw it and throw in a Ghost backup of my drive, but in the end I hope I do not have to resort to such a measure.

    I booted in safe mode and looked at the various places that would be of interest with a problem like this (such as caches and things like that) but everything seems alright.

    Sigh, if its not one problem it is another...

    Any idea's?

    edit: it appears that my A/C adapter is not charging the battery, or rather the system is not accepting the charge and the battery is being drained. I'll try changing the adapter (since I have several) and see if that helps, but its unlikely that it won't, since even on the lowest custom power setting it does not take this long to load. =/

    FYI. I started the log in process when this post was made on another computer, and it is still loading as of right now... =/
  2. jobeard

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    hybernation requires free HD space -- use HD Cleanup to get more :)

    run->chkdsk /f and when it asks to run at boot time, reply Y

    reboot and let it verify the HD.

    once running again; defrag the HD in the Admin Tools and then

    get PagDefrag to compress the pagefile.sys and your registry files
  3. madboyv1

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    I understand I need HDD space for hibernation. I have 20GB free. my page file usually stays at or under 1GB, so cleaning it or compressing it won't help too much. I will attempt chkdsk, and if for some reason it helps and I can get into windows in normal mode, I will see if the driveneeds defragging.

    Also, I have a new symptom: while in safe mode and trying to back up data, I am constantly getting CRC errors from files on the hard drive itself. so it could easily be a hard drive issue. at the same time however, it could be a controller problem and if thats the case, I might be SOL. and may have to replace the entire board. =/
  4. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 1,471   +375

    I love eating my own words, but only when I am pessimistically wrong. =) That failed hibernation wracked my hard drive pretty bad, it took all night for chdsk to fix what it did. However, I am in normal boot Windows and everything seems fine... It doesn't look like I really need to do Defrag, but I will do it anyways since it wouldn't hurt.

    Hopefully the CRC errors are confined to occuring because of the poor condition my drive was in.

    thanks a lot.

    edit: I kinda find this funny, but during this problem AVG somehow killed itself. XD Good thing I was planning on getting a copy of NOD32 today.
  5. jobeard

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    Run PagDefrag to at least view the registry and pagefile fragmentation --
    you'd be surprised how easily they get fragmented.
  6. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 1,471   +375

    I ran JKDefrag, and man, it picked up a lot of things that Windows Defrag didn't. at the moment I can't tell too much a difference, but after a restart I bet I will.

    And yeah, the registry gets fragmented very fast, I don't need another defrag tool to show me. =)
  7. rickk1

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    I've always disabled hibernation on all computers I've ever worked on and owned since it tends to cause problems and it also consumes precious memory.

    Depending on how old your system is, have you ever thought about cleaning out your system restore files? I bet it is set or rather preset to the maximum setting which also robs space from the system.

    Another way to gain more space is by installing CCleaner, http://www.ccleaner.com , and then on the cleaner setting, add the setting to remove all hotfix uninstallers and all prefetch data. Then after cleaning that, run the issues and it will clean up the registry. Prior to running CCleaner, turn off system restore to ensure your system gets a thorough cleaning.

    After running CCleaner, right click on the recycle bin and adjust to space reserved from 10% to 1%. This will free up more precious space.

    Now defrag your system. Then after defragging, reboot. After rebooting, enable system restore but after enabling it, set the setting to 3%.

    Note that the hotfix uninstallers in CCleaner will remove the uninstall keys from all windows updates. To me, it is stupid to have them in the first place because if you do uninstall one of the updates, then it will usually wreak havoc on your system and problems mount up which then forces you to format.
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