XP Did Not Recognise My Profile

By damienb
Jan 14, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    Ive had this problem a couple of times now where when I log onto my PC its tell me that it could not load my profile because it is unknown or corrupt. It then just creates a temporary profile.

    Luckily I had created a backup a few weeks prior to the first time it happened, so I just restored my hard drive to the backup and all was fine for ages (a few months), then out of nowhere the same thing happened again.

    This time I decided to start a fresh and do a clean XP install instead of restoring to a backup. Again, all was fine for a while and then on day when I tried to log on it told me that it could not log me on because the domain "???" was unavailable (My PC is on my workplace domain). Yet if I logged on the machine locally all was fine. I rushed to the office to try logging on while actually connected to the domain and it said the same thing about not being able to load my profile because it was either unknown or corrupt. Once it had loaded me a temporary profile I was able to use this little bit of software called ProfileWiz. As I knew the the machine was loading my profile correctly locally I was able to use the ProfileWiz to change to profile that is loaded on a certain account. I told the PC to load the profile from the my local account when I logged onto my domain account and again everything was fine but this time only for a couple of weeks.

    Just now the same thing happened again where it would not log onto the domain and when I tried to log on locally it said the it could not load my profile and again loaded a temporary one.

    I rebooted and tried again. It still would not log onto the domain. It said the same thing again, that it was not available. But luckily this time when I logged onto the machine locally it loaded my profile fine.

    Does anyone have any ideas whats happening with my machine? No one else at work has had this problem and the server administrator has no idea why it could be happening. Well, he actually said he'd just not seen it before.

    Can anyone help me??

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