XP dual boot and IRQ conflicts on a laptop

By vettefan99
Sep 21, 2004
  1. have an Emachines 6809 Laptop. I am having trouble setting up a dual boot system. I want to set up one for internet, games, etc. and the other for ProTools audio recording. I started by using the included Ghost restore DVD to install windows. Then with partition magic I add another primary partition and use an XP install CD to set up the OS on that partition for Pro Tools. On the PT partition I set it up as a Standard PC instead of an ACPI. The problem comes when I try to boot back to my original partition. When windows loads the correct drive shows up under My Computer and the start menu and all of the programs are there, but the drivers and other options are the ones I used for my PT partition. The processor shows up as a Standard PC, all of my IRQs are different, and some of my drivers and the color bit depth are the ones I use under the PT partition. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong.

    Also is there a way to manually set IRQs? There are no settings in the Bios for it. When I use the emachines restore CD the only devices that share an IRQ are: on 21 PCI to USB Host Controller and 3 instances of VIA Rev 5 USB, and on 22 AC'97 audio and the 56K modem. but when I use my XP Home install CD I have a lot more shared IRQs. on 9 ATI video card, 54g wireless card, 10/100 network, and 1 VIA Rev 5 USB. On 10 is AC'97 audio, PCI to USB Host Controller, 1394 Controller, and 1 VIA Rev 5 USB. on 11 is the Cardbus controller and one VIA Rev 5 USB. Does anyone know what would case this or how to fix it?

  2. AdrianScotter

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    Hi, I think you may have the 'Plug and Play' option in your BIOS set to yes. If that's the case, the PC is trying to allocate various system settings. Try setting it to 'Plug and Play OS? = NO' and see how you get on.
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