xp-dvd drives dont see disks

By copper
Aug 8, 2007
  1. I have an asus a8v mb-amd x2 proc-xp- plextor and samsung dvd drives-have all been ok for about 6 months-now they dont see disks-did all the reinstall, drivers, firmware stuff- used ms tool to remove filters and rebooted- the plextor was ok, for about one hour but then 'no disk'---
    My nero apps have been acting up;i would try to write a dvd and it hangs up about 90 percent through it-- re-installed my nero using all of the nero cleaning tools and tweaks that they recommend; but still goofs up--
    The other curious thing is that my IE [6]would crash once and-awhile-figured that I could live with that--now it crashes about every 10 minutes while using it-
    Restore does not help--tried to do a repair function with the MS disk but it won't let me install the SATA drivers to complete it [f6]--
    Am I looking at a re-install or am I overlooking something?
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