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XP freezes at desktop when starting

By nembatha
Mar 15, 2007
  1. windows almost starts but only a few desktop icons load
    the taskbar is empty as is the start button
    I did a complete system restore a month or so ago to fix this but the problem came back
    restored back to an earlier date this time it only worked till i turned the PC off and same thing happened turning it back on
    I did msconfig and unchecked all the startupboxes but that didn't help
    any ideas shgort of reformating and reinstalling again
  2. TheVirus21

    TheVirus21 TS Rookie

    I would try booting off from an anti-virus cd or floppy with the latest definitions and run a scan. Another possibility is to repair windows using the windows boot cd, this will keep all of your data and user settings, but i suggest doing a backup if possible because i have run into problems in the past using the repair feature of the cd. you said you can get into windows, try pressing crtl-alt-del to open the task manager and then go to processes and right click on explorer.exe and then click end process tree. then still in the task manager go to file new task(run) and type in explorer.exe hit enter and see what happens. If nothing changes just go to file then click new task(run) again and type in explorer.exe and press enter again this might bring up windows explorer, allowing you to browse through your files and back them up.
  3. Hangman

    Hangman TS Rookie

    I'm just wondering if the comments from TheVirus21 have helped ??

    I'm going to shoot from the hip here, If you can get into the task manager, look at the Performance Tab. If your CPU is running at close to 100%, and it is continuous over a 3 to 5 minute time frame, you may very well have a back door trojan.
    If your CPU is running at near 100%, there are three files I can think of off the top of my head;

    Do a search in the 'C:\Windows\system32' directory.
    Thess are back door trojans, not a system files.

    The System32.exe is also in the registry so mearly deleting this will not work.
    If this is the case, let us know, we'll talk you through the registry editing.
    The DLL's may not be deleted either, it is possible but not likely. But you can move them to a temp directory and rename them, then when you reboot, the system releases them and you can delete them.

    Let us know what you find.
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