XP Home hangs after defrag

By h-tech
Sep 4, 2005
  1. Hello,

    Recently, I was helping someone get a performance increase from their Toshiba 1ghz laptop. What was done was I installed a free utility called Tune XP. I implemented a few of Tune XP's options such as the option to defrag boot files.

    Once the performance tweaks were completed, I restarted the computer about 5 times to see if there were any problems with the tweaks. No problems. Following that I proceeded to defragment the hard drive. The laptop's hard drive does not have multiple partitions. When defragmentation was complete, I restarted the computer. The computer restarted up to the Windows XP splash screen, then a blank screen followed.

    I restarted the computer and accessed the boot menu to select the last known configuration when Windows worked. I got the same results with the blank screen. I rebooted, went into Safe Mode and ran the Check Disk utility without the two options selected. No problems were found. I rebooted the computer and tried to start normally, but I got the same blank screen after the splash screen.

    For now I do not think it could be a video driver issue since I have not updated any drivers or altered it's display settings. Could there be a possible issue with Window's boot process after this defrag was completed? Before I resort to a fixboot or fixmbr in the Recovery Console, does anyone have any ideas? Suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

    BTW, I'll go ahead and run check disk with the options of:

    Automatically fix file system errors
    Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors

    I only hope that Check Disk runs after the Windows Xp splash screen and I don't get a blank screen.

    Check Disk was able to run and following the reboot, the blue screen with windows xp on the upper left hand corner appears saying that Check Disk was complete with a few periods. The system just stops at that. The led for the hard drive no longer flashes. Is it me or does this sound like the harddrive may be messing up? Any suggestions?
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