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Apr 29, 2007
  1. Greetings all,
    New member here, im going to give some background info on whats been going on with my PC.

    First off about 2 months ago my motherboard (AOpen AK89 Max) died - was not sending a signal to my monitor. I played around with some things i had read about and could never get it to work. So i ordered a new mobo. This one compared to my old mobo is crap hehe. Im pretty new at dealing with motherboards and installing them so this was my 1st time. New mobo = Biostar k8NHA Grand - I needed a compatible AGP/754 pin

    When I first installed this mobo. It posted I played ith the BIOS a bit and it would go into windows fine. However,when trying to load up BF2142 or WoW (I was really foaming at the mouth to play) I would get a BSOD! so I couldnt run any games or exporer.

    After about a day of trying to update the drivers I still kept getting BSOD's reguarding devices and drivers and new hardware or software - multiple stop messages.

    I then got sick of that and thought it would be a great idea to take a differant approach - I grabbed my windows recovery CD and started to attempt a repair. still getting BSOD's reguarding hardware and what not.

    This HDD is about a year old HDD - (Seagate 7200 sata 120gb) - its been working well.

    So I have this going on with this older HDD that I been using.

    Now im in the process of trying to freshly install XP on a 2nd HDD that I had in my closet totally new. This 2nd HDD is a Maxtor 100gb HDD maybe about 2 years old.

    With this 2nd HDD I have gotten all the way down to 19 miutes left to install I think it says its installing start menu items (?) but it then goes to a BSOD
    and says this:

    cdfs_file_system (think it said something diferant here also,will try again)

    if the problem continues disable any newly installed software/hardware. disable bios memory options such as cache or shadowing (unsure how to do that) press F8 to advanced start up options. then select safe mode -

    So im curious at this point what my options are?
    I have been trying to install/repair windows on both of these HDD both leading to BSOD's. I will post more messages that I get.

    Appologies for the lengthy post - just trying to be as informative as possible.

    System Specs:

    AMD athlon 64 3400 CPU
    1 GIG kingston PC3200 HyperX
    Nvidia Gforce 7800 OC GS (AGP)
    K8NHA Grand - Biostar motherboard
    Creative audigy ZS Plat. sound card
    Xion 500 Watt PSU
    Seagtate 7200 120gb HDD (one I been using)
    Maxtor 100GB HDD (one that was stashed away)

    Hope this helps,im going out for a few beers to try to get this off my mind for a few hours ;)

    I must say that I am very interested in learning new things reguarding computers so this is a learning experiance if anything - even though i have had way to many already.
  2. CCT

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  3. LGraves

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    How do you know wich typ of RAM you have? (D3208DH1T-5?)
    I do have 2x 512 sticks but thats all that I have. But,im going to try that out - thanks or the reply.

    My old mobo used to make a long steady beep - i thought that i heard that might indicate bad ram.

    My other question is how would RAM go bad?
  4. Tedster

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    RAM does in fact go bad, especially with a failing PSU.

    check both and ensure your RAM is of the type recommended by your mobo maker.
  5. LGraves

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    I got windows to installing by taking out 1 stick of RAM. It hangs during the welcome screen but after while it goes to the desktop.

    Im currently installing my Graphics drivers and dx9. then my sound card.

    Should I install the drivers for my motherboard? I was told that the drivers on the CD are old and out dated.

    Also to my knowledge the RAM is compatible - KINGSTON D3208DH1T-5 512M D 400 - to my knowledge this is what im using but how can i be sure?


    So if windows installed using only 1 stick of 512 RAM does that mg it back iean i "luckily" pulled out the bad stick or what? and if its bad I cant plug it back in?
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