Xp is losing applications and data when restarting

By george.mohanco
Sep 29, 2005
  1. This is strange. Lately after rebooting XP (no error messages) data and programs are lost. For example, I open up MS word and I get a message that word is installing. I use word and create documents and if i reboot, if i open word again, I get a new install message (like it was never installed) and my data is missing. This is true for any objects created between the booting. It is like the system is rolling back all changes to a previous point. I only have two accounts set up and it is the same for both of them. We were working on a wedding list and all data was lost. including downloads, fixes, MS word documents, etc. after the ststem was restarted. I searched for all files including hidden files and there are no files on the system that were created using MS word and saved as such. All files are missing. Any clue what is going on? Please help.
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