XP logo, chkdsk and other issues. Help!

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Apr 1, 2007
  1. Hello.

    Randomaly I get sudden restarts, and when I play a game, I get sudden lock ups. Sometimes the lock ups come quick, and sometimes I can play up to 2 hours or more without getting any lock up.

    When I tried fixing this, I updated all of my drivers (sound, display, chipset, ethernet...) and as I suspected it didn't work out.

    I also tried to run chkdsk. Now once after I've installed SoftICE, my xp logo screen no longer appeared, and only a black screen appeared instead. Even though the windows loads up just fine. Now when the chkdsk is supposed to run, I see the "normal" black screen - just when the logo screen should appear. This is unlike any reset, because it lasts much longer, maybe forever?!. maybe at this time the chkdsk is running but I can't see it. Anyway I never waited long enough to see if the windows would come up.

    Right now I need to find a way to make my XP logo, and the chkdsk procedure, reappear.

    I think I might be missing a particular file of windows xp, but I don't know which and I don't know how to recover it. I have a windows cd...

    Anyways after Ill get this done, I could run the chkdsk and maybe my other problems would be solved.

    BTW I also ran memtest for 3.5 hours and no problem was found.

    edit: I also used speed fan to monitor my volts and degrees, and I think it's all ok.

    Please help
  2. YoShow

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    one problem fixed:D

    Ok rebuilding the boot.ibi file made my XP logo come back :D

    But now there is the other problem of locking up. While I'm playing C&C 3, my computer locks up after 5 to 10 minutes of play... As I said all of my drivers are updated. The GPU after a restart is at a temperature of 80 degrees.. (It's 6800 GT) so I don't think its the temperature...
    My dump files are related to the sudden resets I once had, but now I don't get such resets.. only lock ups within the game. Do you think it's the game that is wrong? or my pc? and if so what could be the problem?

    I tried everything...
  3. rf6647

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    view reply to dukebo; psu replaced

    In this thread, view dukebo's posting: https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic7934.html.

    Your situation is not clear-cut hardware. The forum "Guides & Solved issues" has a thread to re-load Windows XP from the CD and CAREFULLY responds to prompts so that applications are preserved. Murphy's Laws apply here. I used Norton's Ghost to image my hard drive before I went this route. In my case the hard drive was the culprit & the re-load blew up; restored image to new HDD cured my problem. Oh well.
  4. YoShow

    YoShow TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks m8 for the reply..
    Actually I think it is the PSU's fault, because now, when I get the lock-up, i can't even reset using the reset button in the case. I press it and I see that the lights in my Joystick turn off, but the screen is still on and so the computer itself.. only after 4 presses and after waiting about 30 seconds it restarts...
    Maybe it means the PSU is dying or something, especialy when a lock up occurs... I just hope its not the GPU's fault..

    Can I now rule out the GPU and just replace the PSU? (The current PSU is 400W but from low quality - cheap).

    thanks for the help..
  5. YoShow

    YoShow TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh My Goddd

    Just opened my pc and saw the company of my PSU!!!
    EVER-POWER!!! I have seen some info about this company.!! I am so surprized that my pc is still running.. omg! I think I'm gonna buy an Atntec or an Enermax right now, even if the PSU is not the source of the problem.

    Oh my god the shame!
  6. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

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