XP Media Center Disappearing Music Files Help!!

By nickfn
Sep 26, 2005
  1. I have been using Windows XP Media Edition for about a week now on my new computer. I have loaded all of my pictures/songs/videos into the media library and have been very pleased with the performance. However, between yesterday morning and yesterday night windows media center has not been able to read any of my music files anymore. It still plays DVDs, videos, and pictures, yet when I go to my music and search by album it shows hundreds of blank albums with "Uknown Artist: Unknown Album". If I search by song it gives me the message : Unable to view songs. To view songs in Media Center they must first be detected by the Media Library. Ok, that is no problem, yet I have already re-loaded all of my music via Windows Media Player 10. I have used the option to search the whole drive for music to add to the media library, and it has recognized and will play all of my music, yet Media Center gives me the same message. Interestingly enough, when I search music in Media Center via Artists, it still gives me a list of all my artists, yet when i try to go into any individual aritst sub-folder it will not read any songs/albums by that artist. I have tried to delete the folders that MC reads, and then reload the folder for MC to read it, but that has not helped. I have created new folders in the C drive with duplicate copies of some of my music files and then asked MC to search that folder for songs, but again to no avail! The ONLY thing I did on my computer that day was I upgraded my Sonic MyDVD LE --> Sonic MyDVD Studio 6. However, after I realized how my Media Center was screwing up I uninstalled it, but that did not help either. What drives me crazy is that I can have WMP10 running and playing all my music while browsing the media library yet Media Center will not pick up a single song! Can anybody help me?
  2. shadowboxer524

    shadowboxer524 TS Rookie

    The same thing has recently happened to me (although I've had my computer for over 4 months). Did you ever find a solution? I can't find anything online. All I can find is how to upload album art. It's incredibly frustrating. Please let me know if you figured out how to fix it. Thanks.
  3. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +422

    Well since it already got bumped. I ran into the same problem, but it actually never worked for me. I loaded them up over the network, it lists the music exactly as nickfn describes. I just concluded Media Center is a POS and am using SageTV now.. but it would be nice to figure out what the solution is.
  4. shadowboxer524

    shadowboxer524 TS Rookie

    Actually, I was able to find help in another forum. The solution was to install Windows Media Player 11, which did the trick. However, I don't know what I'll do if it happens again.
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