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XP NEVER gets to Bootscreen!

By 413-x
Mar 30, 2007
  1. Ok, I've had this problem for the past week. I tried to turn my computer on one Friday and it would seem to start up like usual, except before it gets to the bootscreen, there`s a little flashing white underscore-like thing. It flashes there for maybe 3 or 4 seconds, and then I get nothing as it idles on a blank screen for an eternity. What do I do! Everything is all plugged in properly as far as I can tell, inside and out. I don`t know if this is useful information, but I turned the brightness up on my monitor, and when it`s displaying BIOS messages and whatever else, the screen is bright (as I set it) and when it goes to load the next screen, it goes its darkest black (like, loading the next screen). I point that out because after the little white flashing underscore-like thing, it goes to that black for a second, loads the next screen, which is the one that shows nothing. It`s like it`s at the bootscreen but looks like it freezes before the windows XP logo comes up. Another thing that could be of use is that when I start it up, the computer does its usual single beep, but occasionally, there is a second one later on in the startup. I`m very confused.Oh, and none of the advanced options work either. I just tried something else.. I brought up a boot selection screen, then when I picked the boot device, my fan started up (I guess it never did before). Anyways, my fan starts up and then in about a minute or two, it stops..and everything idles black again. Somebody please help!!!
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