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Mar 8, 2007
  1. I am trying to install windows Xp on a SATA drive. The computer is a dell and XP will not just boot up and load. From what I understand I have to get the SATA drives to load up and then I can install XP. I have found a bootable SATA setup that is for windows. Will that do the trick?
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    What you need to do, is when your cd boots up, it should say at the bottom Push F2 to install special drivers. Click that and place your floppy disk with the correct dirvers in and let them load. Then windows setup should run fine.
  3. Lvimpala70

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    do not have the drivers

    I don't think I have the drivers for the sata drive though
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    See if your bios can set the SATA channel to emulate IDE. What are you talking about when you say "I have found a bootable SATA setup that is for windows."? If you can't emulate the IDE then there is no way you can install XP to sata without having the drivers, so you will have to find them.

    Also, it is F6 not F2 to use the drivers during the Windows setup.
  5. Lvimpala70

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    can't find

    I can not find the sata drivers on the Dell disks that came with the computer. All I want xp to do is see the sata drive so I can install it. I am new to the sata setups and this one has no IDE conections at all.
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    another issue

    I finally have got the XP to see the sata drive. XP SP1 starts to install but then as soon as that happens I get an error and it says that windows can not be loaded. I have a E520 Dimension and I can install the Vista back on with the dell cd's. but as soon as I try to install XP, I get to the pre install menu where it tells me what step you are at and it kicks up an error and says something about I386.dll
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    it would appear you need the SATA driversd for XP. They should be on a floppy. Vista may already have them, but XP does not.
  8. GeorgeEO

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  9. Lvimpala70

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    not on my computer

    I am installing XP on a Dell E520 that has Vista on it. Problem is it is for a Doctor and most of thier software will not work with Vista
  10. GeorgeEO

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    Well just find who the mobo is by. Once you have the make and model number go online to the company's support site. You want to look for downloads for that model. Look for available drivers... specifically SATA drivers and download it to a floppy. All your major mobo makers have them.

    this link is a site that will determine your system configuration including your motherboard make and model http://www.memoryx.net/ click link under "CHECK YOUR COMPUTER"
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