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By Alantrini ยท 9 replies
Nov 12, 2007
  1. Hi
    This is my first posting here. I need help
    I built my PC 3 months ago and it has been working fine till today when I treid to boot up.
    When I press power I get small log on Box I never saw before, which ask me to put in my passwrod (The strange thing is I never put a password on this PC) Also a few days prior to this when it started up I started getting the Administrator ICon (to click) I never has this before either (it wud normally just boot and go straight into the Desktop. and when I check the Account I saw 2 one is theAdministrator and the other called Micosoft Net Framework 1.1 .........(I had installed this prior with a program that needed it.

    Now I only get the small log on box

    As I never had a passwrod I chuck click OK, and then it appears to go into the Desktop scene when a another boc comes up and says

    To help protect your Computer. WIndows has close this program
    NAme : Uderinit Log on Application
                                                      [Close Program]
                          [What should I do]
    When I click Close program I ghet this other message box

    USER Logon application has encountered a problem and needs yto close
    Please tell Microsoft about this problem?
                            [dont send]            [send]
    when I check the error info on that box this shows up

    Error Signature
    Event type BEX   P1: userinit.exe    P2: 5.1.2600.2180      P3: 41107678
                            p4:  Unknown   P5:   P6: 00000000   P7: 008a0406
                            P8: C0000005   P9: 00000008
    The deskop screen then appear without any icons or the Takpart and start button. When I hit windows key on the keyboard nothing. In fact the only thing I can get is when I pressed ctrl+alt+del Task Manager comes up
    Whe I try to go into run or any other executable program from Taskbar I get the same message

    To help protect your Computer. WIndows has close this program
    NAme : Uderinit Log on Application
                                                      [Close Program]
                          [What should I do]
    I tried restarting many times but the above just continues, I botted with the Windows XP Pro installation CD and went into Recovery , selected 1
    when I got the DOS C:\windows\sysem32 prompt , I typed
    copy useriniyt.exe wsaupdate.exe
    and EXIT
    The I restart and I get the same Log on Box.....then Data aExecution error

    CAN someome please help me I have a lot of information Backed up on this PC and need to get it.

    My PC Specs are AMD Athlon 64 Bit 3200, 1.5 Gb RAM, Nvidia 512mb Video Card, Samsung DVD-R+R drive

    Thanks in advance.
    WD 500 Gb Hardrive , Windows XP Pro SP2

    The last thing I did yesterday was install a game I had downloaded from a Usenet group along with a No CD crack file

    Sorry for the long thread but I tried to be as detailed as possible
  2. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    And you wonder why your getting trouble ??

    I sugest you put you hard drive in another computer and copy your data off,

    then reformat or google for a fix.
  3. Alantrini

    Alantrini TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Pro Girl,
    Thanks for nothing
    Your callous and insensitive response is not appreciated
    Thats response is typical of a person who is lazy and doesnt know what to do.
    If you dont know what do do, Dont place responses like above
    I already googled for a fix that how I came across this Forum
    Im not as stupid as you think I am
  4. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Po'Girl is right, you need to do this to back up your file.

    Opinion 1
    Take out the hard drive and put in the friend's computer ( Make sure you change the jumper to slave so you can boot your friend's os first, and you can copy your important file to your friend's HD and burn it to cd.

    After that you can reformat.

    Opinion 2

    You can re-install under the new name, but when the setup comes up after you want to start fresh, make sure you select " Leave the current configuration <No Change>" under the format opinion

    The Setup will delete the XP files, but it leaves your files in the Document and Settings.

    It will reinstall, so you will re-gain your stability toward the OS and recover your account.

    Two choices, easy to call :D

    Let us know so we can provide you further assistance.

  5. Alantrini

    Alantrini TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Your post is of NO Help

    Well, for starters

    As I said to"PoorGirl" and I will re-iterate, Im not that stupid as some ppl assume.
    There is no need to do a full install of windows.
    Especially when you have a 500 Gb hardive and over 100Gb of Programs on it and also when you dont have the installation CDs for all the Programs.

    The first thing I did was remove the Hardrive and USB it to another PC and transfer my stored files, but as I said, what good are files when you dont have the programs to run them.
    It is obvious to me (as an Amateur), that this is a bug : either some sort of Malware Spyware or Virus that has hinged itself on to the useritnt.exe file and probably changed its registry settings hence the reason it is asking me to put in a password that I never assigned to my PC,

    Also the Fact that it is using my name (that I gave to the PC) in the Log on box assures me that what I believe to be true.

    Simple common sense when you have problems like this would be to start in the Safe mode and try to access the Registry (as I have just done already) and (which neither of you advised me to).

    I have now have been able to access the control panel and have checked the Accounts and discovered another account was made without my knowledge (obviously from the bug that has affected my PC) as no one else uses the PC
    There is the Administrator and also another Account under my name (what I gave to the PC which I never made)
    I have since deleted that account, and did a system restore just before the day that I installed the game with the No CD crack.

    There seems to be a bad bug of some sort circulating among Usenet, and other file hosting sites since I have googled and found similar thread to mine.

    The Last thing I would do or advised anyone to do is to re-install windows, when u have valuable Programs and info that you cant re-install, particularly when Windows is booting to the Log on screen.

    I am sure that wouldnt be the first thing you both would do to your PCs .....so why give that advice to others?????

    Its like telling me that because my Car engine wont start that I should buys a New Engine when in fact all I need is to get a mechanic to find out whats wrong and Fix it from there not change the whole thing.

    I know I may get banned for saying this but it wouldnt matter cause I have not had any positve help from you two
    I really think if you 2 work voluntarily for this site that you should not be here giving any advice because it is very Poor advice........you both sound Junior to me (particularly) that I am an Amateur, I just built this PC the other day by reading a book (No experience I had before).
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    You can disable DEP by editing the startup settings. Boot with a XP CD to recovery console, type bootcfg /rebuild to create a new boot.ini, then for parameters type /fastdetect /noexecute=AlwaysOff. The latter turns DEP off completely (default is OptIn, I think).

    However, it's meant to protect your computer, so I'd try overwriting userinit.exe with a working one instead. If you don't have another XP installation to use, copy a valid userinit.exe the same way you replace other files in recovery console.

    If that doesn't work (you can't write to that directory, for example), then I'd try with a Linux live-CD with NTFS read & write support.
  7. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    I have been looking for that for ages.

    What is the name of the distro ?
  8. Fragrant Coit

    Fragrant Coit TS Guru Posts: 363

    Ubuntu has NTFS Support built in & runs Live.

    I'd remove the Drive 1st, hook up to another PC directly, or in a USB Enclosure, and scan for Viruses / Malware before doing anything else. If you have got something suss in there, you could be wasting your time until it's removed.
  9. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Search for a Linux live CD/DVD with ntfs-3g installed.
  10. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783


    First thing i thought about it, it was Knoppix Live DVD. Guess I was wrong :D
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