XP Pro installation

By SodaPopinsky
Nov 15, 2003
  1. Ok, I asked this on another forum without any help, maybe this one can help-

    Ok, heres the update, I cleared the CMOS, didnt work. Ive done 2 hardrives to make sure they were ok, they both got the same symptoms. Every time i try to install, i get all kinds of errors. I need help, and quick, please help! Thanks so much for reading!
  2. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 942

    It definately sounds like a case of faulty hardware, although don't quote me on that just yet. It could be a bad IDE controller or a bad motherboard. I think you've ruled out incorrect configuration/timings by resetting CMOS. I would suggest bare-boning the system (Motherboard, CPU, 1 stick of ram, video card, 1 IDE cable, 1 HDD, 1 CDROM drive) and trying it that.

    Swap out the cheapest things first to see if it fixes it. Start with the IDE cable, and also try a different IDE channel.

    Also, I've noticed that a lot of times with copied CDs, older CDROMs don't read them correctly all the time. If both your CDROMS are old that may cause it, although if your copy of XP is a retail/OEM version you can pretty much rule that out as well.

    If swapping those things doesn't fix it, I would suggest trying a different stick of ram, and finally consider RMA'ing your motherboard.
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