XP Pro Wireless Networking Snag

By Steve Ball
Nov 25, 2004
  1. Hi
    3 Machines, master can access other 2 and other 2 can print through master but cannot access shared file on master. All 3 can access the internet via the Belkin wirless ASDM Modem/Router. When the 2 machines try to access the master the following message appears:" Not enough server storage is available to process this command". Similiarly this message also appears when you try to access the shared network file on the master. The master is a 64 bit system with 1Gb memory using a partitioned mirrored SATA RAID. The page file is set to 3072mb and the recommended is 1534mb. The other two have single partitioned SATA drives and 500mb memory. On the master the Shared Documents Folder, in Docs and Settings, has the normal sub folders, shared music, pictures and video. However under the networks tree, these sub folders dont appear when you expand the shared documents folder. They do, however, when you expand the tree on the other two machines. Having built the machines and set up the network I am now feeling inadequate!! Any assistance would be gratefully accepted.
  2. BlueOcean

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    save a little trouble

    Eliminate some of you trouble; move you shared files to a shared folder on the root and not under Docs and Settings. If it must have the folder structure you listed and its your documents right click your My Docs shortcut on your desktop and point it to the new share. Note this will remove by default the protection provided by your profile with regards to permissions. Anyone who can log in to that system can access those files unless you set permissions.

    Depending on your setup check your WINS and DNS entries. Printer printing IP vs browsing by NetBios name? Obviously File and print Printer sharing is enabled on all systems.

    Share permissions \ file permissions?

    Have you set any group policies?

    Some things to consider.
  3. jobeard

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    in my opinion, a better place would be
    \Documents and Settings\All Users\SharedDocs

    location implies shared intent and permissions are easily administered as even Limited User accounts have R/W access.
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