XP Pro won't boot in safe mode

By TonyH · 38 replies
Sep 4, 2004
  1. OK this is a weird one. My computer runs fine in normal mode. I was trying to uninstall some spyware but it kept re-installing itself, so I thought I'll boot in safe mode and delete it manually. On boot, the menu comes up (after pushing F8). After selecting safe mode, a list of files comes up, I get a momentary blue screen and the computer reboots itself.

    Any ideas?
  2. hood5555

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  3. yacovk

    yacovk TS Rookie

    I have the same problem

    I cannot boot to safe mode (any of them). However, booting in normal mode works fine. In safe mode the system reboots just before entering the GUI mode. I tried to make arepair with boot CD - seems that nothing changed... :blackeye:
    Meanthewhile, diagnostic mode with msconfing do boot.
    I have WinXP Pro SP2 (built in on the disk) and Pentium 4 with MSI board MS7028 (915P Neo2 FR) and ATI X300SE videocard.
    This board is quite tough and requires only the above OS (told by vendor, its not supported by anything else).
    What is the problem??
    Maybe it's some kind of worm or virus? - Antivirus show me that everything is clear.
    May it be hardware problem?
    Please help!!!
    P.S. I have checked with bootlog and discovered that the last driver loaded in the safe mode (before the system crashes) is fastfat.sys. Moreover,
    when booting in normal mode, this driver isn't loaded at all! (My system partition is NTFS). So I believe something gone wrong with my registry, which is responsible for driver loading. Apparently it assumes that the system boots from FAT Partition in safe mode, while it is actually NTFS one.
    Now, how can I figure out which drivers mre loaded by my system and how can I fix the problem???
  4. cobragt

    cobragt TS Rookie

    Hi All,

    I have a big problem.
    I have my Aunt's comp which had a virus.
    I started the PC and at the welcome screen I tried to type in the password (maybe3-5 times) and well she didn't give it too me so I was guessing.At that point I think I shut down the PC via switch in the back(no mouse was hooked up)when I got her password and started the PC it would get to the WINDOWS XP PRO splash screen(loading bar at bottom) then when it is about to switch to the welcome screen it goes blank.
    It does the same with LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION and when I go to start in safe mod it starts to load the drivers and then locks up(stops loading them)

    Can I fix this without re-formating?

    I also tried to do a repair with the XP cd and that didn't help.

    Than You

  5. tibor60

    tibor60 TS Rookie

    I have a similar problem. I can boot nice in normal mode, but it is impossible to boot in safe mode to do administrative tasks. What has happened?
    When booting in safe mode, it hangs on booting at the agp440.sys driver. After some Goole search I booted in recovery consol and disabled the agp440 driver. OK, try again... then it hangs on booting the Mup.sys... OK, back to the recovery consol, disable the Mup driver... then it hangs on NDIS.sys... then on Ntfs.sys... but I finished here. Have somebody any idea how to boot in safe mode in XP?
  6. ghassan99

    ghassan99 TS Rookie

    I have the same exact problem...I can boot normally in XP SP2, but in safe mode its crashing.
    I have to say I was hit by a rootkit virus, bagle.ge, and after that the problem could have started.

    Any help, othe than formatting the HD, is appreciated.

  7. tweakboy

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    That blue screen could be driver conflict or software problem,
  8. creamycenter

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    try scandisk/sfc /scannow

    you should run scandisk, with all options, if that doesnt work, boot to the window recover console, and run chkdsk /f
    this should repair the corrupted files, and return a working system! good luck!!!!!
  9. dumwid

    dumwid TS Rookie

    Safe Mode won't load

    I have a Gateway desktop with Win XP Home SP2 that works just fine in normal mode. For some reason now when I enter the Safe Mode it starts loading normal but when it's time to enter the GUI display it reboots.

    I put my System Disk in (WinXP Home OEM) and chose repair but it wants a Administrator password. I've owned this computer since it was new and have no password, my system boots directly to my use. The repair locks up due to a lack of password. Any ideas.
  10. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    default administration password for windows is nothing. Just press enter. If someone's changed it, then life gets a bit complicated. Post back if so.
  11. dumwid

    dumwid TS Rookie

    I recently bought and installed Spywarebot. Recently I also found I could no longer boot into Safe Mode on my computer. Normal Windows worked fine and Spywarebot seemed to be working fine. Nothing I could do would allow me to be able to boot into Safe Mode. Thinking some basic Windows files/drivers must be defective I did a repair/install of Windows XP Home SP2 on my computer. Still couldn't boot into Safe Mode. I spent lots of time and trouble bringing my system back to the current Updates.

    Finally I tried MSConfig.... General.... Diagnostic Start Up. Now I could boot into Safe Mode. Through much trial and error I found that by unchecking Load System Services under MSconfig... General, I could boot into Safe Mode. So I now knew something being loaded in Services was the culprit. I opened the Services tab in msconfig and unchecked everything that wasn't Microsoft Corporation and then rechecked Load System Services. I could still boot into Safe Mode. So I re-checked the non-microsoft services back on 3 at a time, checking for Safe Boot each time. On the 4th group of 3 I found it. It was "Spywarbot scanning engine". I left it unchecked and rechecked all the remaining services and Safe Boot now worked OK. Of course when I rebooted into normal Windows, Spywarebot "puked" and said it couldn't contact the internet.

    I don't know if Spywarebot became corrupted or was just screwed up from the beginning. I went into Control Panel... Add/Remove, and removed Spywarebot from my computer. I have gone through about 20 hours of work to get my computer to be able to boot into the Safe Mode. I am displeased with Spywarebot.
  12. pippo86

    pippo86 TS Rookie

    i used the safe mode fixer from moonvalleysoft.com to fix the safe mode boot

    hope it helps
  13. sparrowhawk1

    sparrowhawk1 TS Rookie

    Spywarebot is a Rogue program, which by the way, has nothing to do with the respected and legitimate antispyware application, Spybot-S&D.

    Google Ben Edelman's excellent article, "Critiquing C-NetMedia’s Anti-Spyware Offerings and Advertising Practices."
  14. silent73

    silent73 TS Rookie

    I can confirm what pippo suggested.
    Safe mode fixer, moonvalleysoft.com, works

    I bought it, installed it, selected the windows version and run it.
    At the reboot i chose safe mode (without networking) and it worked.

    I could install again the AV.
    Not sure if i can post a link, but it worked:

    just go to moonvalleysoft.com, the software has a quite clear name

    In the Contact Us, they say that they answer within 24 hours but got my answer in 16 minutes.

    Good luck.
  15. gbhall

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    There are a lot of enticing-looking packages proliferating around the web, claiming to do almost anything to your PC, including training it to fetch your slippers.

    Most of them, by the way, deliberately cripple your PC in some shape or form, and then sell you the solution......CAVEAT EMPTOR. (Buyer beware, for the semi-illiterate)
  16. pippo86

    pippo86 TS Rookie

    hi friends,
    i see the topic did not die yet, sign that the threat is still out there,

    wll, i heard of all those mechanics spam,

    what can i say, i downloaded a software from p2p, the pc went crazy,
    tried to boot in safe mode now way, you know the problem...

    i am not a fun of abything but that fixer at least does not promise the moon,
    it is simple it worked

    then up to you guys
  17. silent73

    silent73 TS Rookie

    What i understood is this.

    New viruses are deleting on porpouse the Safe mode boot.
    In order to avoid that users boot in safe mode to restore AV and so on.

    Compared with other software, Safe Mode fixer has been planned for this specific task, to restore the safe mode boot, which is good and honestly in my case did the job it promised to do.

    I still can't believe that viruses became so aggressive, but that's what happened.
  18. boogie_t

    boogie_t TS Rookie

    This is truly a weird one.

    Same problem, couldn't boot in safe mode XP sp3.
    The system stops, last driver loaded is mup.sys,
    which by the way should not be the one causing it...

    Honestly, i have to say it, i was very sceptic, but that program (and a couple of emails with the customer service) ... safe mode fixer...

    It solved it. I can boot now in safe mode.
    let me thanks rob at moonvalleysoft and suggest to ask him any question
  19. lwr

    lwr TS Rookie

    Unfortunately I did not have the success that several others have had with MoonValleySoft.com and their Safe Mode Fixer. My situation seemed exactly like boogie_t: XP SP3, restarted at "mup.sys". But unlike boogie_t, Safe Mode Fixer did *not* fix my problem, at least not on the first attempt. And although they offered to resolve my issue, I did not have time for them.

    So I tried another repair in the trial version of SuperAntispyware... it worked immediately, I got Safe Mode boot back. I'm happy now.

    But because MoonValleySoft does not have a trial version, you must pay first. I asked for a refund and they refused it.
  20. manwex

    manwex TS Rookie

    Is ok

    I bought it safe mode fixer from moonvalleysoft yesterday, and what happened is this:

    my pc did not start in safe mode neither in normal mode, some kind of *** virus messed it.
    I asked them how to run their product then.
    They offered me an immediate refund OR to guide me through the fix.

    First they restored my normal boot, but safe mode was still corrupted, then i used the safemode fixer and it rebuilt the safe mode.
    everything ok. good ppl
  21. lwr

    lwr TS Rookie

    "They offered me an immediate refund OR to guide me through the fix."

    If that was your experience with MoonValleySoft, then that is a change from my past experience with them. I'm glad it worked for you, but the solution I found to work did not require me to pay upfront... it was in a free trial version.

  22. juliancanada

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    Re: Safemode Fixer OK

    Ok with me,
    pushed the button, fixed it at the first attempt.

    No need of support, i had my antivirus out of the game but the fixer worked fine.
    Just my 2 cents.
  23. paulj89

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    it worked,
    just a tip, run the system check option before, seems things get lot smoother thereafter
  24. kimsland

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  25. Aliaskat

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    I have a similar problem. My computer runs fine but when I went go to boot up in safe mode to make changes it just starts normally. I tried several time hitting the F8 Key and just starts regularly. Kaspersky says I have the 'HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic' could this be what is causing this problem?
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