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XP pro wont install after format

By GaryFC
Jul 3, 2007
  1. Ok so ive tired it with 2 diff hard drives and 2 diff windows cd's and im having the same problem.One is a 40G WD drive and other is a 120g WD drive.

    After i repartition and format the drives setup copys files over for windows install and then when it goes to reboot to start the install it just goes right back to the setup screen and never finds a boot record on IDE0.

    None of these drives require raid or sata drivers.Both drives work in a second computer and have used that one to format it also and still same problem.Ive tried Fixmbr and all other tools in windows recovery and still wont boot after it installed the setup files.Just keeps going right back to the windows setup sceen.Then if i try to install the OS without formating after it copyied the setup files it says that there is already a OS on the disk.I cant think of anything that could be causing this on 2 diff drives.I havent wrote zeros yet thats my next step but anyone else have any ideas.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    First, go to your BIOS at initial start up... usually <F2>, <esc>, <del>, or <F10> but will usually flash very briefly where to go to tool with the BIOS as you press the power-on buttom.
    Reset you BIOS so that your CD-Drive is first, instead of the hard drive.
    Now, shut down, and reboot to the Windows disc you put into the CD-drive.
  3. GaryFC

    GaryFC TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nope still doesnt..After setup installs the installation files and it goes to reboot..When it does its right back to the set up screen..And if I try to install again without redoing the partition or formating it says there a OS already there..Ive tired Fixmbr also and still same problem.Just wont boot into the windows installation program.

    Anyone else have any idea's..Im gonna take both drives to a friends house tomarrow and write zeros to them..And use both xp cd's on a test machine he has to make sure both of them are good even though he used one of them 2 weeks ago without any problems..
  4. enjaytwo

    enjaytwo TS Rookie

    hi gary,
    i have the same problem, i'm going nuts tried different discs but still the same. if you get it sorted please let me know. i've also reformatted and reset the partion but it still just wants to reinstall.
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