XP problem.

By olefarte
Jun 19, 2003
  1. Yesterday, I decided to play Splinter Cell, and after I had started the game and gotten to the start menu of the game, I decided to check the Audigy menu in Control Panel to see if all speakers were on, {they like to change to stereo by themselves). As I said, when I was at the menu for the game, I hit the Windows key on the keyboard to minimize the game, went to the Audigy menu, then back to maximiz the game, and it crashed and my computer restarted.

    When it rebooted, it would only go to the Windows XP screen and then start the reboot over, and over again. I was not able to access Safe Mod, nothing. I finally had to do a complete format useing the Windows disc.

    My question is, what might have caused this. I've done it before with no problem. Is this something I should not do? Looking back, I would have saved about three hours time if I had just exited the game, and the restarted it.
  2. JackieChanIsGOD

    JackieChanIsGOD TS Rookie Posts: 61

    Oh wow...
    That's... horrid...
    Well, i can tell you from experiace, that friggin 'windows' button is terrible... they should rename it the 'CRASH BANG BOOM' button... every time i've pressed it... and i mean every time... it makes windows crash...
    Um.... hmm, solution? Maybe a keyboard mapper and disable the windows button... i don't know if there is something that does that... i want to, because sometimes in the heat of batte, i've hit it and i've been sent to hell... or, as you said, take your time and exit the game... hehe
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