XP problems with scanner and printer

By ptitterington
Apr 8, 2002
  1. I am having a problem getting my printer epson c70 usb to work properly.
    I have the latest driver from epson but I get an error message every time I print offering me a look at the printer settings.
    Sometimes the pages print fine often I get dozens of pages of numbers churmed out at high speed and even after switching off the printer it is nearly impossible to cancel the print queue.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and changed the lead to no avail.

    Now my scanner Agfa Snapscan e20.
    When I first installed xp I had to buy a new scanner as my old one would not work and they did not make drivers for xp.
    After downloading the drivers from agfa V2 i think I kept getting a communication error and no amount of uninstalling and reinstalling it helped. Eventually I did a clean install of xp and the scanner worked fine.

    I Swopped the printer and scanner usb connections while trying to sort the printer out and the computer hardware detected and installed window appeared detected and installed, but as before now all I get with the scanner is the communication error. I have uninstalled and deleted everything in the registry that refered to agfa but with the same result.

    I am thinking a wipe and reinstall of everything is looking likely.
    To save a load of hassel could you point me to a link with info where I can find where my settings for word, my Isp settings etc are to save all the donkey work. I have read it in one of the magazines but cannot it now i need it.

    Any help on the above appreciated.

    Epox 8kta3+ Athlon 1.4 Maxtor 30gig 512sdram TDK writer Sb live 1024 geforce 2mx Epson C70 printer agfa snapscan e20 Smartcard reader.
  2. ptitterington

    ptitterington TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 255

    What have I done wrong to get no replys!

    Anyway, I still need help.

    I have used the search and downloaded a registry cleaner and wiped every trace of my printer and loaded the early xp driver and it works fine.

    But I could not make the scanner work so I have followed the excellent guide by TMcG and set up a dual boot 98se XP home without the swap files just so that I could run 2 os on the same machine.

    I used the xp driver and still ger the communication error when I click the Agfascan shortcut but in 98se with the disk supplied I get a perfect working scanner and I swear it works quicker then it did when it used to work with XP (same machine.)

    One question
    The downloaded drivers are in a file with 2 square boxes joined together and will only unzip and load so I cant just update a driver as It is not detectable on browse. How can I make it be just a file like most other stuff. I think that this may be a big part of my problem as I may be using the correct interface but letting xp use its own driver.

    Still its a good way to test out the 2 os'ses
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