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Mar 4, 2004
  1. My work PC came with XP Home on it (I'm the unofficial computer tech at work, and I have no formal training in it, just at home tinkering...). After having software compatibility problems between XP and Wordperfect (older version) I did a really stupid thing, I formated the hard drive and put Win 98 on.

    All my programs worked the way they were supposed to but after a while, I got tired of not having sound and proper video drivers, so I called HP tech support and had them ship me the restore disks.

    After fighting for over 3 days and numerous phone calls to HP and a new hard drive, they determined I had faulty restore disks and shipped new ones out, that would take a week to get to me.

    Since I work in a fast paced law firm I couldn't wait on the new restore disks, I really needed access to my files immediately. I went out and purchased a full version of XP Pro. I have my video drivers and LAN drivers, everything works better now than it did when XP Home was on it originally, EXCEPT I have absolutely no sound and it is driving me insane.

    What problems will I run into if I try to use the "New" XP Home restore disks on XP Pro? I don't have the time or the patience to go through that same mess again. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you

  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Do NOT try any XP-Home disks on an XP-Pro installation.

    Also, the HP XP-Home Restore-disks only let you RESTORE (read freshly re-install) your PC the way HP had it when you originally got that PC, and this restore would wipe out everything of your personal files!

    Please give us the exact model of your HP PC and its sound-card, and then we will probably be able to steer you in the right way to get sound again.
  3. Masque

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    BUT did that set also include an extras CD that might have the proper drivers on them?
  4. SNGX1275

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    The disk probably does masque, but they might not just be laying there in some obvious position. But she should be able to go to HPs site and enter her computer model number and look up drivers and they will be free to download.
  5. Masque

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    Agreed....but not knowing what type of connection she had I thought I'd throw that in there as an option.
  6. Shelly

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    Okay, here's what I've got......HP Pavilion 7936. System info says that the sound device manufacturer is C-Media, of course, that's following the XP Pro install. Before I removed XP Home orignally, it named something different, and I can't seem to find my notes right now, but I could swear that it was ESS Technology.

    I went to HP's website and put in my model number and I really can't make heads or tails out of the motherboard specs. It says the chip set if VIA but the sound is onboard and says the audio is AC '97 down, whatever that is.

    I went to C-Media's website and downloaded drivers, but I guess I'm not quite smart enough to make them work.

    That's why I thought maybe using the restore disks would work, since they are SUPPOSED to have all the drivers the PC came with, (that is, when the disks are not defective).

    I really do appreciate all your assistance.

    Thank you
  7. Liquidlen

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    If I followed correctly you have a new set of disks coming from HP.If you have a partition that has enough room and is not the same one as the XP pro .Why not load the original Home edition and the proprietary Hp drivers there.Extract the drivers to the Pro install .make any other notes as to the drivers in the proprietary installation .Then delete the Home install.BTW I hope the XP installation was a clean install?
  8. RealBlackStuff

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